How to Winterize Your Lawn (Prep Your Lawn Ready for Winter)

  • By: Brian Comstock
  • Date: May 28, 2022
  • Time to read: 4 min.

During the summer, your lawn is a place where you can relax and even have fun with your loved ones.

Therefore, there is a need to maintain your lawn all the time. You might have taken care of your lawn during summer and that greatly helped to improve the curb appeal of your home.

gazebo on lawn

However, as winter approaches, you should winterize it so that it can look good and the grass can stay healthy.

Remember that you might not be able to tend to it all the time like you used to do during the warmer months.

How-to Guide to Prepare Your Lawn for Winter

  • Mow your grass

When was the last time that you mowed your lawn?  Chances are, you have not been in a position to do it in good time. Before winter kicks in, you should cut your grass to about 1 to 1.5 inches.

You should not wait for the frost to strike as you will not be able to do this effectively.  Do not cut your grass short, heading towards fall, you need to do what’s called a ‘long cut’.

This sounds counterintuitive and contradictory but a ‘long cut’ ensures that the grass is even and will help protect the roots from frost and reduce any chance for weeds to grow when spring arrives.

This ensures they don’t receive daylight as the grass suffocates them before they get any chance to sprout.

  • Spread the fertilizer

Your grass needs fertilizer for it to grow well. This is because this fertilizer normally contains essential minerals that facilitate grass growth.

Therefore, you should add a natural fertilizer to your grass. This way it will not only grow but also remain green for longer. You can trust that your grass will remain green until the next season.

When applying the fertilizer, you should distribute it evenly across your lawn. Here, you can consider using a rotary spreader if need be.

Before buying this fertilizer, you should test your soil to determine the kind of fertilizer you should use on your grass. Also, this will help you know the amount of fertilizer that you need for your lawn.

  • Ensure that you aerate your lawn.

Aerating your lawn will ensure that the roots of the grass get all the air for better growth. Therefore, there is a need to take out spikes that might be on the soil across the lawn.

The good news is that aerating your lawn will not cost you a lot of money. You can hire motorized aerators at a small fee. Others, usually prefer using pogo sticks to aerate their lawns.

This also works for many people out there. Also, some shoes can help aerate your lawn as you walk.

By doing this, you will allow the roots to grow deeper and become stronger. As a result, your lawn will enter the winter dormancy in the best shape possible.

  • Get rid of the weed

There might be some unwanted plants that are growing on your lawn. You should not allow these plants to remain on your lawn during winter. You should get rid of them as soon as possible.

This exercise might take you more time but it is worth it. This is because weed normally competes for nutrients with your grass. As a result, your grass might not grow the way you ever desired.

For the larger and more difficult plants or bushes, you could use a chainsaw.

  • Check the pH levels

Before the colder months start you should check the soil of your lawn. You might be surprised to note that some sections of your lawn have acidic soils. This can be detrimental.

These sections might thin out over time. To mitigate this you should check the soil of your lawn and then treat these patches with lime products. You can use sulfur to treat areas that are too alkaline.

  • Get rid of debris

During summer, there might be a lot of activities that used to take place on your lawn. As the winter approaches, you should not hesitate to get rid of the debris that might be on your lawn.

This will not only make your lawn look attractive but also enhance better grass growth. Here, raking can help you get rid of that debris. This will enable water and other nutrients to reach the roots more effectively.

You should not fail to winterize your lawn. Remember that your lawn speaks volumes about your home. Winterize it today by considering these ideas and you will not be disappointed. These ideas are truly incredible.


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