3 Best Umbrellas for Wet & Windy Weather


Windproof Umbrellas

Umbrellas are a pretty common item in most households, but they can be plagued with problems whenever there is a slight breeze in the air.

That’s why a windproof umbrella is great as you don’t encounter this problem.

We’ve all been caught in unexpected showers, being unprepared for an imminent change in weather can leave you with no other option than to purchase a cheap dollar store umbrella that is just hopeless!

However, there is hope, we have managed to scour the market in search of the solution and pull together a detailed buyer’s guide to help you in your quest to stop suffering unnecessarily in these forever worsening conditions.

All families deserve the best Bumbershoot!

1. Davek Solo – Best Overall Umbrella

Davek Solo Umbrella

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The Davek Solo umbrella is the ultimate windproof item to have in your collection.

The quality of this product is far superior to the competition out there and it’s backed up with an incredible lifetime guarantee.

With the guarantee you can claim a replacement should it malfunction, no matter how long you’ve had the product.

You also get that extra piece of mind with the loss protection that it comes with.

If you happen to have your umbrella stolen or you simply misplace it, you’re entitled to get another one for 50% of the price, provided you can give a serial number.

The best feature of this accessory is its unparalleled strength that is partly down to its durable frame. It’s composed of fiberglass steel, aluminum, and zinc alloy.

The ribs are also reinforced with fiberglass to provide that flex and support when it’s against high winds.

It’s available in 3 colors, my personal favorite being the “Black/Wasabi Green” (one for the sushi lovers) as the green compliments the design well. The carry case also comes with color around the entrance to it.

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You’re also able to purchase the Davek duet umbrella and it has a huge canopy, big enough to cover you and your travel companion.

The Davek Umbrella

Learn how davek makes the strongest and best umbrellas

  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • Portable
  • Strong
  • Stylish
  • Elegant Box
  • Auto Open/Close Mechanism
  • Costly
  • Quite heavy

2. BLUNT Metro – Safe Design & Lightweight Umbrella

Blunt Metro

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We found this to be great all round, the rain bounces off the canopy and it dries within minutes once you’re out of the rain.

It’s surprising how sturdy this product actually is, the shaft is made from aluminum to help keep it lightweight and give it a strong core to tackle the winds.

The canopy is made up of pongee fabric so it’s great at repelling water, hence the quick drying time. There’s a coating on it that gives you 96% UV protection.

So it doesn’t even need to be raining for you to have a reason to use it, even during those warm, high UV days you can pull it out and protect yourself.

Blunt apply their brand name to each of their umbrella models, removing the traditional pointed canopy style provides that layer of safety you need when walking through a busy street.

It’s ideal if you live in an urban area full of people walking in close proximity.

The design of the canopy also assists with the windproof factor, the aerodynamic design dilutes the wind’s power so you aren’t exerting much energy into keeping it upright.

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Keeping it safe in winds of up to 55mph, which you’re unlikely to encounter as this like being in a tropical storm.

There’s a wide range of colors available for this model but our favorite is simply the black design as we thought it looked very stylish and sleek.

There’s also a golf umbrella model that has a HUGE 54″ canopy that will cover you easily during your rounds.

  • Lightweight
  • Safe Canopy
  • Protection up to 55mph winds
  • 96% UV Protection
  • Comfortable Handle
  • Manual Open/Close
  • Not as small as we expected
  • Both hands to close

3. EEZ-Y Compact – Cheap Windproof Umbrella

EEZ-Y Compact Travel Umbrella

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With over 14 colors to choose from, there’s definitely a design you’ll love.

It features a vented double canopy that allows the wind to pass through with little resistance, helping prevent it turning inside out.

There are 9 fiberglass ribs fitted uniformly under the canopy, most tend to have just 6 or 8, this provides you with that extra comfort of knowing it can cope with high winds.

A stainless steel shaft holds it together well, providing that extra structural integrity when up against strong winds.

You’ll be well protected from heavy rain with the 210T fabric that’s both lightweight and waterproof. A great thing about this material is once you’ve finished with it, you can easily dry the umbrella by simply spinning it a few times.

You’ll be happy to know it has a comfortable yet elegant rubber grip that has been designed in a way that makes it slip-resistant.

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  • Lightweight
  • Non-slip grip
  • Elegant
  • Dual canopy
  • Lifetime replacements
  • Auto Open Mechanism
  • Quick to dry
  • Closing requires a bit of force
  • The handle could be bigger
  • Short shaft

Best Windproof Umbrellas – Buyers Guide

Windproof umbrellas are a necessity in those rainy seasons, especially with the weather seemingly getting more extreme each year. Those looking for the right umbrella for them tend to have some basic questions in regards to which is perfect for them. We’ve taken some of the most asked questions and produced a guide to help you make a more informed choice of product.

Why would you need a windproof umbrella?

There’s plenty of reasons for choosing a windproof umbrella.

The first being the most obvious, if you’re looking to stay dry in downpours. Couple that with a reasonable gust of wind and a typical umbrella will be turned inside out in a flash, leaving you drenched from head to toe.

What makes an umbrella windproof?

Each model and brand have different ways of approaching this feature but they all have the same goal, to reduce the pressure on the canopy of the umbrella in high winds.

Many brands tend to follow the same method, a vented design that allows air to travel freely through the product without putting any pressure on the canopy.

The second method, which is sometimes used alongside the vented design is an elastic cord that runs around the edges of the canopy, attached to the main shaft.

This gives the canopy a little bit of flexibility when being hit by strong gusts of winds, dissipating the wind energy. This protects the canopy from being destroyed.

Quality materials and a good structure to the umbrella is also key in helping the product cope in high winds. They tend to have a much sturdier structure than their regular counterparts.

One thing to take note of is that different umbrellas can only cope with certain strengths of wind. Nobody expects an umbrella to be able to combat a 120mph gust.

However, you can expect them to do their job in wind speeds approaching 60mph, but this is much higher than most people will ever experience in their life.

What features should you be looking for in a windproof umbrella?

Handle: there’s many styles available when it comes to choosing the right handle. Many also feature an ergonomic design. Ideally you want something that’s comfortable over extended periods of time.

Therefore, you want to look for something that has a nice cushion on the handle. Practicality is another factor when deciding on a suitable handle.You need something that allows for a good grip for stronger wind conditions.

However, if you’re more interested in fashion then there are handles such as a traditional curved wooden handle. This might not be the most practical handle but it definitely gives a fantastic vintage look.

Whilst the curved handle doesn’t have the best grip, it does bring other advantages to the table.

It’s easily carried when not in use and the curve allows you to hook it on to other things.You could even use it to grab things from hard to reach places, provided it has a strong shaft.

Materials: strong materials are essential to ensuring the umbrella is windproof.

There are four main points of focus when inspecting the quality of the umbrella.Canopy, Shaft, Ribs and Handle.

The canopy, you want something that’s preferably made of pongee polyester as this is much more waterproof and durable than other materials available.

If that’s not available, you can always opt for a product with teflon coating technology applied to it. This is highy waterproof and gives you a very quick drying time.

Shaft’s should be lightweight yet durable as they will take be under a lot of pressure when dealing with high power winds.

But there’s a fine balance between the two.

Ribs, preferably, should be made from fibre glass. This allows the umbrella to flex when it’s under pressure from heavy winds.Fibre glass is also lightweight and it’s the perfect material for the best windproof umbrellas.

Handles, more often than not are made of plastic or wood. Either is fine but wood generally is the stronger material but plastic holds up much better in the long term due to it’s resistance to a large range of weather conditions.

Wooden handles can often become rotten inside and end up breaking away if it’s not finished properly, this can happen if you go for a cheaper model of umbrella.

Shaft: A strong shaft is vital to the structure of the whole umbrella so this is one of the first things to check for. A flimsy shaft is useful for nobody.

Whilst you want to ensure this, you also must consider the weight.

Generally, stronger materials weigh more but this is not always the case. Aluminium is a pretty light metal so there’s many umbrellas out there that will be made of this.

It’s not always ideal though as aluminium breaks much easier than steel.So it all depends on the balance you wish to achieve, lightweight vs durable.

Mechanism: The mechanism is often overlooked with umbrellas but is definitely a fantastic feature that, when made right, can prove to be very useful in daily life situations.

For example, some umbrellas come with a single push button to OPEN and CLOSE it.This is extremely useful when you are bringing in the groceries on a rainy day and only have one hand to spare.

Carry Case: A good carry case will make your experience transporting the umbrella much easier.

Without a case you often find that they are hard to transport and you end up leaving it at home just because you don’t want to carry it around all day.Thus getting wet when you need it the most.


A windproof umbrella is something you will not regret having. It’s there for those rainy days to keep you dry so you’re not spending the rest of the day uncomfortable in soaking wet clothes.

They give you that security you need when leaving the house on a day where the weather could go either way.

The buyer’s guide we have written for you will have provided you with basic information to help you make that purchase much more informed.

If you’re looking to keep yourself protected from those dark, rainy days then look no further and get a windproof umbrella in your possession.