Sunjoy Replacement Canopies (See All Below)

You’ve had lots of great times with your Sunjoy gazebo but you’ve come to use it this year and it’s damaged or totally destroyed from last year.

Replacement Canopy Roof

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I’ve listed all the replacement canopies for the Sunjoy range with item numbers, part number and by name to help you replace them and begin using your gazebo again without having to buy an entirely new gazebo.

Please be aware that when you buy your replacement canopy it can be a bit tricky to fit it.

This isn’t normally because you’ve bought the wrong model or size it’s because your old one may have shrunk slightly, so this brand new canopy may seem a little large or ill-fitting to start with.

Check out the table below where I’ve listed every Sunjoy replacement canopy that I can find in the marketplace.

Sunjoy Replacement Canopy Types & Models No.

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Image/Item No. Name Part no. Size Color Buy
110109117 Monterey Deluxe L-GZ215PST-4 10×12 Brown
110109156 Madaga Havana L-GZ136PST-2/7/9 10×10 Khaki

Universal L-GZ717PST-C-SR-Deluxe 10×12
110109123 South Hampton L-GZ659PST 11×13 Brown
110109025 Shadow Creek 110109025 10×12 Light Gray
110109109 South Bay Hexagon L-GZ793PST-A 14×14 Brown
110109284 Callaway L-GZ813PST 10×10 Sesame
110109134 Bay Window Gazebo L-GZ120PST-2 10×12 Brown
110109024 Manhattan Oval L-GZ1138PST 10×12 Khaki
110109115 Catalina L-GZ660PST-D 11×13 Ginger snap
110109144 Bamboo L-GZ136PST-8/8B 10×10 Brown