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About Sunjoy
Sunjoy Gazebo

Sunjoy Gazebo

Sunjoy Online is a very credible and reputable company and well renowned for producing top quality, hardtop, soft top, and grill gazebos, as well as outdoor furniture.

Their range of outdoor enclosures are often the best on the market and below you can take a look at the full range available to buy straight away.

The company are based in California, U.S.A, therefore, you know you’re buying quality goods from the U.S.

We’ve reviewed the best Sunjoy hardtops, soft tops and grill gazebos… Select from the menu below.

5 Sunjoy Hardtops Gazebos for 2019

A hardtop gazebo can be a fantastic addition to your patio or backyard that can be left permanently outdoors without having to take it down in the fall.

This means that by spending a little extra on a permanent gazebo, it will pay dividends in the long run as they: last much longer, are much sturdier and have a higher level of waterproofing than other types of outdoor shelter.

Check out our favorite 5 sunjoys for 2019 below.

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Hardtop Reviews

Sunjoy 10×12 Hardtop Gazebo

This double vented, steel top roof gazebo is perfect for those with a limited amount of space in their yard but require elegance, good value and an effective shelter for a variety of uses.

Sunjoy 10x12 Gazebo

Sunjoy 10×12 Gazebo

sunjoy hardtop

This 10x12ft outdoor shelter is very sturdy and the powder coated frame ensures that it is rust resistant which in turn improves durability and longevity, making this a good value, long term investment.


Steel Canopy Top

The steel canopy top ensures that this hardtop is able to protect you and your guests against heavy rain, sleet, as well as strong winds and the sun’s harmful UV rays.

The double-vented section helps air to escape properly and therefore helps to improve stability in windy conditions.

Hanging Hook

With a product like this, we like to get full use out of it and sometimes that means spending time underneath it when it begins to get dark or the temperatures may be soaring.

Well, here’s great news, you can buy a hanging light or fan and place it on the hook which hangs down from the center of the roof which is perfect wherever you are sat inside this shelter.

Easily Screwed Down

If you wish to make your gazebo more sturdy then the leg base has pre-drilled holes where you can screw the frame legs into a hard surface such as a patio, decking or concrete.

This will ensure it is much better prepared to stand up to harsh weather conditions.

Very Durable

As mentioned previously, the frame is powder coated which prevents rusting and therefore helps to protect the steel parts of this product to prevent cracking and ultimately snapping of the metal frame parts.

The powder coating is a very important aspect to preserve the frame and is widely used throughout the outdoor shelter industry.

Dual Curtain Rods

There are 2 tracks which enable the use of mosquito netting, screen and curtains.  However, please be aware that with this product the curtains or nets are not provided but they can be bought separately.

Pros and cons

  • Very durable
  • Full waterproof
  • Good value
  • Can be screwed down
  • Strong & sturdy
  • Curtains & netting not provided

Sunjoy 10×12 Hardtop with Bay Windows

This hardtop with bay windows is quite a unique product and to be honest there are not many hardtop gazebos with bay windows available to buy on the market.

When we first clapped eyes on it, we actually thought what a great idea and how much classier it makes this product look.large hard top

To me, the windows really do add a touch of class whilst also providing extra strength to the canopy section and protection to the curtains when they aren’t in use.

Similar to most other types of this product, the frame is powder coated to prevent rusting and add further strength and durability.

As you can see, the polycarbonate top (the apex) allows soft light and air circulation which helps to lighten the inside of the shelter as well as keeping the air fresh and allowing odors or strong breeze to escape.


Lots of different event use

How many backyards have you seen with a hardtop gazebo with bay windows like this?  Exactly, none…

Your unique outdoor enclosure will be the envy of your neighbors and allow you to hold parties, corporate events and even quite family occasions with this stylish and classy gazebo.

Tight weave mosquito netting

Mosquito netting is very important but too many times the manufacturer supplies nets that allow the very small bugs into your canopy.

The bug netting sides supplied with this canopy has a very tight weave and ensures that even the very small bugs are kept away from spoiling your party, lunch or hot tub party.

Manufacturers warranty

To further reassure you just how strong the manufacturer believes their product to be they have provided a 12-month manufacturers warranty.

  • Looks very classy
  • Easy to maintain
  • Mosquito netting included
  • Easy to build
  • None as yet…

Sunjoy 12×15 Extra Large Octagon Gazebo

This large octagon hardtop looks much more like the traditional gazebos that you see in the movies where the brass band played and couples danced around the gazebo.

Sunjoy Octagon Gazebo

Sunjoy Octagon Gazebo

octagonal hardtop gazeboThe 12x15ft footprint ensures that you have plenty of room to add furniture.

Due to the octagonal shape, it means that you have a lot more room in the center to walk around as the furniture can be spread around the edges.

The powder coating that has been applied to the roof and frame ensures that it is weather protected and will help resist wet weather.

Whilst also adding further strength to help protect against breezy conditions.


Extra stability

The octagon shape automatically adds extra strength and stability as there are more frame legs that can provide additional support than rectangle onesother shaped gazebos.

The hardtop roof is great at ensuring rainwater runs straight off, however, should you experience snow in your state then it is recommended to not let it build up.

Side railings

The side railings makes this smart gazebo look very classy.  Surprisingly, you don’t see that many gazebos with rails on the market but this one is quite taking.

For those of you that are quite practical… Maybe you want to add a temporary covered bar to your shelter.  If you take a look at one side of the gazebo you’ll notice any opportunity to cut a length of wood that can be laid over 2 sets of rails to provide a bar area.

Pros and cons

  • The shape adds extra stability
  • Powder coated for durability
  • Creates plenty of covered space
  • Fully waterproof steel canopy
  • Will require help constructing it

Sunjoy Harper Gazebo 10 by 10

This Sunjoy harper 10×10 hardtop shelter is a very stylish and great looking yard accessory that can provide a more than adequate amount of cover for your yard or patio area.

black harper gazeboIt can help you spend more time outdoors by shielding you from the unpleasant and unexpected poor weather conditions and ensures that you continue partying or relaxing without interuption.

As you can see, there is plenty of room to add outdoor furniture.

The tough steel frame has been powder coated (as most hardtops are) to add extra durability and strength to help ensure that your new gazebo will not falter during poor weather conditions and will last for a number of years to come.


Simple design

This really is a case of simplistic is best.  The design of this hardtop is quite simple and therefore, there is very little to go wrong with it.

It has a very solid roof that provides great protection, along with 4 sturdy legs that can be screwed into a hard surface as there are pre-drilled holes in the base of the footplate.

Double vented top

As you can see in the image, there is a top section in the roof that can help add further sturdiness and stability as it provides an exit point for circulating wind, which is ideal should the wind get up unexpectedly.

  • Simplistic design
  • Very effective
  • One of the easier hardtops to build
  • No sides included

Sunjoy 12′ x 13.75′ Circlet Gazebo

This circlet gazebo looks great and has lots of great features that will ensure it has lots of uses for years to come.

Sunjoy Circlet Gazebo

Sunjoy Circlet Gazebo

circlet gazeboThe 12×13.75 size enables you to easily add furniture or maybe this is the hot tub cover you’ve been looking to buy to house your spa or tub.

Well, now you’ve found it…

We often like our hardtops to be able to fit naturally into the environment they are in without standing out like a sore thumb.

Well, the rectangular empty flower beds enable you to add flowers or hanging plants to help add a little bit of extra beauty or hide the aluminum frame that some owners like to do.

The shelves ensure that you can place drinks near to you and come as an added benefit and may mean that you don’t have to purchase additional tables and therefore save you a little bit of money on the way.


2 Exit Areas

When you’re relaxing you don’t really want people to keep squeezing or walking past you.

Well, with this 2 exits/entrances gazebo you don’t have that to worry about as you or your friends can use the nearest exit/entrance, without troubling anyone else.

Powder coated frame

As with many hardtop gazebos, this product by Sunjoy also has a powder coated frame that adds extra protection to the steel and aluminum parts which ensure that this circlet gazebo will last longer than ones without powder coating.

Lots of uses

The octagonal shape not only looks fantastic and elegant but it also increases the number of uses that it can be tailored to.

Whether you’re looking to cover an outdoor pool area, hot tub and spa cover, or maybe you just want to place a canopy over the top of a patio or flat piece of ground in your yard.

  • Very stylish octagonal design
  • Lots of uses
  • Creates a large shaded area
  • No sides included

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5 Sunjoy Soft Top Gazebos for 2019

With all the different types of gazebo available to buy, let us first explain exactly what is a soft top gazebo.  A soft top gazebo is fairly self explanatory, it’s a free standing shelter that has a fabric canopy and not a steel or aluminium roof.

There are lots of benefits of owning a soft top but understandably, there are downfalls in comparison with some of the positives that a hardtop can provide.

Check out the top 5 soft tops from Sunjoy below.

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Soft Top Reviews

Sunjoy Regency II with Mosquito Netting

This Regency gazebo from Sunjoy is a great looking soft top that comes with lots of little features such as: plant hanging hooks (4), 4 corner shelves, mosquito nets, and a center hook ready to hang lights or a fan.

Sunjoy Regency II

Sunjoy Regency II

Also, once you have this item constructed you can expect up to 140sq ft of covered relaxation space where you can choose to relax exactly as you choose.

For a soft top, this is a sturdy structure.  You can expect to be able to leave it up all year round but we do suggest that you remove the fabric during late fall to prevent against damage from the weight of snow and strong winds.

It is fine to leave the skeleton frame outdoors all year round and the powder coating will protect against any rusting.

You can then reattach the fabric back to the skeleton when you intend on using this product again, around mid spring.


Can be screwed down

There are pre-drilled holes in each of the feet at the bottom of the frame legs.  These allow your soft top to be screwwed into hard ground, although, unfortunately screws are not provided and will have to be bought seperately.

However, ground stakes are provided should you wish to use it on a grass surface.

High clearance

When buying these types of products we generally have to cater for different sized guests.

Well, you’ll be pleased to know that the clearance of this gazebo is 6ft 4in and whilst this won’t cater for everybody, you’ll at least know that the majority of your guests will be fine without having to duck.

Water resistant canopy

The canopy is water resistant therefore should you encounter unexpected showers then the rainwater will just run off.

Just be a little cautious should you experience sudden and very heavy rainfall as sometimes the canopy may struggle to cope with the huge amount of rainfall in such a short perios of time.

Pros and cons

  • Vented double roof
  • Creates large shaded area of 140sq ft
  • No tools required to build
  • Water & fire resistant canopy (100% polyester)
  • Represents good value for money
  • Prone to weather damage

Sunjoy 11.4×13.2 Hexagon Shape with Shelf

This easy to assemble hexagon soft top can be constructed in as little as 2 hours with help from a couple of friends or relatives to aid with the lifting and moving of the frame and canopy section.

sunjoy with shelfThis hexagonal soft top provides very elegant shading for your patio or concrete area and can be securely fastened down via the screw holes in the feet section.

There is a serving shelf which can hold an adequate amount of drinks or food and can also act as a surface to accomodate more plants or decorative ornaments.


Railings add strength & elegance

The rails that connect 4 sections of the frame provide a huge amount of extra stability and sturdiness and in turn add a touch of class to already what looks like a stylish gazebo.

Easy to follow instructions

As mentioned earlier, this product if easy to build and the instructions provided are straightforward to follow but as we mentioned above you will definitely need help to construct this very sturdy gazebo.

All parts are clearly labelled and you’ll need a ladder to construct the top section.

Ideal as a hot tub cover

The hexagonal shape means that its ideal for covering hot tubs and outdoor spas.

With this type of canopy it means that you can rest assured that your hot tub is protected from unpleasant weather conditions that not only protects you and your guests but also ensures the longevity of your tub/spa.

Suitable for outdoor patio sets

If you’re looking to relax outdoors then the size of this hex shelter (11.4×13.2ft) will provide plenty of covered protection for your patio set both from wet weather but also from sun damage.

Pros and cons

  • Very stylish hexagonal soft top gazebo
  • Very sturdy & easy to build
  • Durable, rust-resistant steel frame
  • Dual tiered canopy to add wind resistance
  • Corner hooks for hanging plants
  • The canopy can fade in bright sunlight

Sunjoy 10×10 Summer Breeze Soft Top

For the price of this Sunjoy Summer Breeze, you are receiving a very well made, more affordable and great looking backyard shelter.

Sunjoy 10x10

Sunjoy 10×10

summer breeze soft topWith its ability to stand up to harsh weather conditions it represents great value for money and provides lots of sheltered cover for outdoor activities, come rain or shine.

As you can see in the picture, it is ideal for adding outdoor patio sets, as well as pot plants or even a hot tub if you have one.


The steel frame is powder coated which protects the frame and the canopy from rusting and adds a much more robust feel to it.

Whilst the double vented canopy allows wind to pass through the roof section safely, it also provides additional stability to the roof and frame sections by relieving pressure when windy and helps prevent any lifting of the gazebo.


Can be screwed down

All of the legs of the frame have pre-drilled holes situated at the base of the leg where you can screw your new gazebo into the hard ground.

This makes this Sunjoy summer breeze very sturdy and much more wind resistant.

Water resistant canopy

This soft top is water resistant but not waterproof.

What this means is that it will easily protect you and your guests from short, sharp showers or the odd spot of rain, however, with long, persistent downpours the material will soak up the rain and eventually it will penetrate the material and drip through.

However, due to the very steep angle canopy roof, you’ll find that the rainwater runs off extremely quickly and this helps to get rid of the rain very quickly.

Install hanging lights or fan

There is the ability to hang a light or fan from the center of the roof section and this makes either lighting or cooling your gazebo much easier.

You can also use small hanging lights around the top rail section and this enables you to be able to thread them either side of the rails.

This makes them much more secure and sturdy and will prevent them from falling off, whilst also out of harms reach from children touching the bulbs or tripping over the cable.

  • Good value
  • Easy to Assemble
  • Water Resistant
  • Robust & Sturdy
  • Lots of uses
  • Not Waterproof

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3 Sunjoy Grill Gazebos for Cookouts

A grill gazebo for cooking outdoors is just the item to buy to impress your friends and family and to also show just how well prepared and glam you are…

There are various shapes and sizes and we have reviewed the ‘top of the range’ the ‘best value’ and also the cheapest available to buy in 2019 fom sunjoy.

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Grill Gazebo Reviews

Sunjoy 8′ X 5′ Soft Top Grill Gazebo (Best Value)

If you’re looking to purchase the best value grill gazebo then check this one out as it has lots of great features such as: a sturdy roof canopy to protect against unpleasant weather whilst cooking but can also let out smoke via the ventilation section at the top.

Sunjoy 8x5 Grill

Sunjoy 8×5 Grill

soft top grill gazeboThe powder coating finish ensures that the steel frame lasts longer by preventing rust, whilst also adding further strength.

It also has a built-in LED lighting system, as well as hooks for your utensils and 2 shelves to hold plates of food and other items.


8×5 ft Footprint

This 8x5ft grill cover provides plenty of room to be able to cover most sizes of outdoor grills and provides adequate room to comfortably move around too.  Check the size of your bbq before buying this canopy.

Easy to put together

This product comes with instructions but to be honest it’s that simple to build you’ll probably only need them as a basic guide because most of the construction is very self-explanatory.

It can easily be fully built in under 30 minutes.

Can be used on grass

The bottom of the legs have pre-drilled holes which means the ground stakes (provided) can be knocked into grass to add much more stability should you only have a soft surface to cook on.


Included are 2 shelves that can be used to hold raw or cooked food and measure about 4ft above ground which would be around waist height for most people.

Additionally, there a several hooks where you can hang cutlery and cooking utensils ready for use and they are within perfect reaching distance.

Pros and cons

  • Good value
  • Waterproof canopy
  • Easy to build
  • Ideal for hard & soft ground
  • powder coated for rust resistance
  • Not great when very windy