Best Sensory Swings For Children – With Reviews

Outree Indoor/Outdoor Pod Swing – Ideal for Toddlers

Designed for both indoor and outdoor use, this great hammock swing is comfortable and soft.

It is small enough to fit into the corner of a child’s room, but still roomy enough for a smaller young adult to easily curl up when reading or watching TV.

Thanks to the high quality included hardware, this swing is built to last. Additionally, the durable fabric was chosen specifically to withstand up to 170 pounds of weight and to handle being pulled and yanked without tearing or stretching.

Unlike some other sensory swings that can be difficult to close completely to create a quiet cocoon, this swing’s soft fabric can easily be pulled so that the child can hide inside, if desired.

This is a great way for them to easily calm themselves when they are feeling overwhelmed. Since it is such a soft and comfortable space, children will feel relaxed when inside, which is great for helping control emotions.

● Comfortable and safe place for children with sensory problems
● Gentle swinging motion won’t cause the swing to disconnect from the hardware
● Multiple color options make it easy for a child to choose their favorite
● Doesn’t make a lot of noise when swinging
● Creates a cocoon around the child, which can help calm them down and make them feel safe
● Inflatable pillow can sometimes leak

Made From 100% Cotton-Canvas Material

The durable cotton-canvas material was chosen specifically because it is long-lasting, easy to clean, and breathable.

The bright colors won’t fade, even when the swing is hung in the sun, which means that it will last for a long time.

Also, you will get a PVC material inflatable cushion, this will provide your child with the ultimate chill spot.

All Hardware Included

Hanging a hammock swing can be tricky, but since this one comes with all of the necessary hardware, it couldn’t be easier. Not only is the hardware easy to install, but it’s very durable.

The loading capacity of this swing is 170 pounds, thanks in part to the solid construction of the swing, but also thanks to the durable and high-quality hardware.

Great for Indoor and Outdoor Use

Unlike some swings that are ideal for use only indoors or outdoors, this great swing is perfect, no matter where it is hung.

The durable fabric, comfortable cushion, and high-quality stitching and seams make it a long-lasting option in any location.

It won’t be damaged by the sun, wind, or rain, and can also stand up to children picking and pulling at the seams.

HearthSong Hangout with Stand – Best HugglePod for Families

It can be tricky to find a great hanging swing for the entire family, as most simply do not support the high weight that multiple adults and children will create.

This swing is not only durable, thanks to its construction from weather-resistant nylon, but also easy to set up and to move around in the backyard, making it easy to find the perfect spot for it to be set up.

Not only does this hangout swing come with a stand that makes it easy to set up, but the mesh windows help keep the interior nice and bright, which is great for reading and spending time with friends.

With the fresh air that blows through, users won’t have to worry about accidentally overheating when they are in the hangout pod.

Another bonus is the that the bright blue color is attractive and helps the pod to really stand out in a backyard.

● Great for families and can handle up to 600 pounds
● Hangs on lightweight aluminum tubing so it can be easily moved
● Includes LED lights that can easily be turned on or off to add ambiance
● Durable floor mat is designed to withstand damage from shoes and buckles
● Mesh windows make it easy for users to see in and out
● Spot clean only

Durable Aluminum Frame

One of the best features of this hangout pod is that it comes in an incredibly strong aluminum frame.

It’s easy to level the frame so that the pod won’t rock dangerously, even when people are climbing in and out of it.

Since the frame is so light, users can easily move it to a new location in the yard. It’s never left in a permanent position unless the family wants to keep it there.

High-Quality Fabric

Durable fabric is key to how long-lasting this great hangout pod is.

Unlike some other fabrics that will easily break down when they are exposed to the sun, wind, or rain, this nylon is weather-resistant and built to last.

It won’t easily be damaged during bad weather, which means that the hangout can be put up and then left outside.

Large Door

Getting in and out of the hangout is easy thanks to the large door.

The door has Velcro straps which allow it to be kept open, or the door can be dropped down for a more private and a quieter experience.

Since the door is such an ample size, adults can easily get in and out of it.

AMAZEYOU Kids Sensory Swing – Ideal for Autism/Aspergers

Children who have autism or Asperger’s need to have a safe space in their room or outside where they can go and be by themselves.

This swing is a great option for parents looking for a sensory swing that will allow their child a safe place to enjoy some peace and quiet without any risk of injury.

Since it is made from such soft materials and doesn’t have hard edges or zippers, the swing is great for kids of all ages.

Designed to be hung indoors or outdoors, this swing is easy to set up thanks to the included hardware and rope.

It’s a space-saving option, since it is hung from the ceiling, which frees up floor space and helps children feel like they are weightless.

This is great for calming children down when they are stressed and frustrated and can help provide them with the tools they need for self-control and relaxation.

● Supports up to 176 pounds and comes with durable hanging straps
● Made from a weather resistant polyester and cotton blend
● Offers a safe quiet place away from distractions and too much noise
● Can easily be hung from a variety of surfaces
● Designed to be easy to take down and clean
● Can be difficult for some kids to climb in on their own

Incredibly Easy to Install

Unlike other sensory swings that come with hardware that is difficult to use, this swing is very easy to install.

The hardware or included rope makes it possible to hang the swing from the ceiling, from exposed rafters or beams, or even from a tree branch.

Since it can be used in so many locations, it’s a great option for any child who needs a break inside or outside.

Soft Fabric Is Comfortable

The soft fabric, professional seams, and removal of any hard or sharp objects in this swing make it a comfortable and safe option for all kids to use.

Thanks to the way the fabric feels like it is hugging children, it is a great way for children to calm down when they are experiencing sensory overload.

Parents won’t have to worry about their children being injured in the swing.

Large Open Door Prevents Claustrophobia

The oversized door on this swing means that children can easily poke their heads out and look around them without feeling like they are caught in the swing.

Since the fabric is so soft, they can easily close the door by pulling on the sides, but it will open right back up as soon as they let go.

Sorbus Nest Swing Chair – Suitable for Multiple Children

Parents who have more than one child or a larger child who needs to be able to spend time by themselves without sensory overload will appreciate the roomy design of this swing.

The 40” round base offers plenty of space for spreading out and for children to get comfortable when in the swing.

With all accessories included, it’s easy for parents to set it up quickly without problems.

Great for children who have sensory issues, this swing is designed to be a safe place for children to spend time by themselves.

It gives a comfortable feeling of being enclosed, but isn’t closed off completely from the rest of the world, which makes it easy for parents to check on their child.

Thanks to the multiple windows and large door, it’s easy for children to connect with people who aren’t in the swing and for you to keep a close eye on them.

● Larger size is great for up to three kids to get in together
● Easily holds up to 250 pounds without the seams being compromised
● Teardrop design is cozy, but still offers plenty of room for sitting
● Easy to relocate since it hangs from a single suspension point
● Peep holes allow children to see outside
● Large enough for kids to do homework, read, or nap

● Included rope is not very high quality

Machine Washable

Kids have accidents and are prone to spilling drinks and snacks, which is why this great swing is machine washable.

It’s easy to spot clean it, but the entire swing can be taken down off of its suspension hook and washed if it has gotten very dirty.

This makes it easy for a busy family to keep their swing looking great and free from germs and bacteria.

Larger Size Is Great for Families

The larger size of this swing makes it ideal for families who don’t want to buy multiple individual swings for their children.

Since children can share the swing, it’s easy to hang it up in a central location for everyone to enjoy. While it is very roomy, it is not oversized, which makes finding the right spot for it easier than ever.

Comfortable Padded Bottom

Children who are dealing with sensory overload need to be as comfortable as possible when in the swing, which is why this offers such a thick padded bottom.

Not only is it soft enough to keep kids comfortable when sitting, but it has enough structure that the swing won’t bend or buckle in the middle.