3 Feral Cat Heated & Insulated Shelter Reviews

Have you become attached to a particularly affectionate feral cat or maybe you have built a bond and now feel responsible for its safety or wellbeing.


Please give me a home

Well, one of the best things you can do for it is to buy a feral cat shelter.

Providing a home, whether it be permanent or temporary for a feral cat at least you know that you’re doing everything possible to help a wild cat get by in life.

Buying an outdoor cat shelter may still mean that you’re unable to get too close to the feral felines but at least you know they’re able to:

  1. Keep out of the cold,
  2. Stay dry and warmer,
  3. Better chance of surviving the winter
  4. Raise their young safely (safer) and stay healthy.

Check out the top 3 products from below.

3 Feral Cat Shelters For Sale (2019 Update)

Product No. of Cats Material Score Availability
Birchwood Manor 1 Wood ★★★★ See on Amazon
K & H Kitty Tube 3/4 Recycled Materials ★★★★★ See on Amazon
Cozy Cat 2 Cedar ★★★★★ See on Amazon

Birchwood Manor Outdoor Kitty House (Heated)

Outdoor Kitty House

Birchwood Kitty House

If you’re looking for a heated home for a single feral cat then this Birchwood Manor outdoor kitty house is a great choice for a variety of reasons.

At the checkout, you can actually choose whether you want a heated or unheated shelter, so if you live in the cooler parts of the U.S then this is a great option to be able to have.

As you can see in the image, the wood is still showing as plain so therefore, you can add your own decoration as required.

Maybe you want to paint it in a particular color to match your home or maybe you want to add some camouflage to help to hide it away from potential unwanted visitors that may attack the feral cat.

You can easily pin leaves or attach small branches to help hide this cat shelter away from predators

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Package includes

When you buy this K&H feral cat shelter you will receive the following pieces of equipment:

  • All birch sides, roof, and flooring
  • 2 plastic door flaps
  • comfortable heating pad
MET Listed – This product exceeds USA & Canadian electrical safety standards

Everything you need is included in the package apart from a Phillips screwdriver that you’ll need to put the sides, roof, and flooring together.

Pros and cons

Check out exactly what we do and don’t like about this birchwood manor kitty house.

  • Cats love it
  • Simple to build
  • Does the job
  • Simple but effective design
  • Good quality
  • Cats love the heat pad
  • Heatpad chord could do with being longer (extension cord may be required)

Easy to build

This outdoor shelter is very quick to assemble and that doesn’t mean its not robust, quite the contrary.

The most time you will spend on it before its ready to use would be if you decided to add camouflage or decide to paint it.

These two options are not actually required, this shelter is ready as soon as you’ve screwed in the last part as it already has a UV protective layer that helps resist harsh weather conditions.

Heated Pad

There is a basic instruction booklet that will explain how to use the heating pad.

This will easily ensure that within a couple of minutes you will be an expert and have it installed and ready for your feline friend to stretch out on.

Once the heating pad is installed and working it really does provide a really cozy environment and somewhere for the cat to sleep that is warm and welcoming.

If you hold your hand on it for a short time you can feel the warmth radiating without ever becoming overwhelming or creating a ‘hot environment’ inside the house.

2 Clear Flaps

As this is an outdoor shelter the feral cat has to be vigilant at all times as it is still exposed to its predators.

However, the clear flaps provide a watchpoint for the cat to keep a lookout for possible predators, danger or even potential food sources.

So, in the event of danger, the cat can escape out of the other exit in the event of an emergency.

Sensible Price

Too often, the price of these types of cat houses (and similar products) can be overpriced.

This can be because manufacturers know that its human nature to want to protect what may seem a vulnerable animal and they can, therefore, bump up the price a few dollars.

However, this cat home seems very affordable for as a 1-cat home (it can house 2 cats if small)

Can you use bedding apart from the heated pad?

In the instruction booklet provided for this product, it is advised that you do not use any bedding as the heated pad comes with a fleece that can be fitted over it.

Any extra bedding placed on top of the pad is not required or recommended and should be avoided as advised by the manufacturer.

How many cats can it house?

This birchwood manor kitty home is sold as a 1 cat only shelter but at a squeeze its possible to house 2 small feral cats.

However, please be aware that as they grow they may be too big for their home and you may have to buy a larger one in the future, so it may be advisable to view one of the larger cat houses that’s recommended on this site.

Is it waterproof?

The shelter is made out of birch and therefore, as any wood will do over time it will eventually succumb to the harsh weather conditions it will face.

What you can do is coat it with a water repellant spray paint, there are plenty of options available.


This shelter is available as a heated or unheated version and the price is different according to the type you wish to buy (heated obviously more expensive).

However, personally, I would buy the heated version because there are very few places where it isn’t cooler at night and even if you decide that you don’t wish to use the heat pad it can be simply turned off.

So, the facts are…

This product is easily built, has 2 entrances, pretty sturdy, can resist tough weather conditions and comes at an affordable price, so if you have a lone feral cat that needs accommodation then this is definitely a shelter that you should consider buying.

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K & H Pet Products Insulated Kitty Tube

Insulated Kitty Tube

Insulated Kitty Tube House

The kitty tube insulated cat house looks so natural in any yard that it is almost unnoticeable that it’s actually housing feral cats.

The plastic outer makes it look as though its a drum just sat in the corner of your yard and therefore, it will not draw attention to itself and will allow the feral or your outdoor cats to relax in peace.

This is another house that comes with clear flaps but unlike others, it also has an awning over the entrance and this can help prevent heavy rain from entering the enclosure as the overhang helps shelter the entrance.

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See what we loved about this product.

Coyote & Dog Proof

Don’t worry, this cat home is dog and coyote proof.

This one door cat enclosure ensures that the cat cannot escape because normally coyotes and dog will scare a cat to the other exit and then catch them when they are in the clear.

The one door ensures they stay in the home and are out of harm’s way.

High R Insulation

The walls, floor, and roof are all of a high R insulation.

High R insulation is a measurement of heat flow through a material and the higher the rating the more resistant the material is.

This ensures that the temperature of this home is better regulated from the extremes of temperature.

Can house up to 3 Cats

This compact but very spacious feline shelter can accommodate up to 3 cats which, considering the price is good value for money in comparison with other cat houses.

Heavy Duty & Well Insulated

This is quite a heavy duty unit that to the eye and to the touch is very noticeable. The insulation also ensures that your cats can survive winter and be protected against any potential heavy snow and/or ice.

When you are building this product you will notice just how much insulation there is to keep the temperature regulated and as mentioned above about the High R-value, this will help stop or at least massively reduce the cold penetrating the walls, sides, and roof.

The insulation ensures that your cats are nice and cozy in the winter and comfortably cool in the searing heat of summer.

One piece construction

This unit is a one piece construction which means that there are no sharp corners or uncomfortable section for your cats and should you need to move its position you can do so knowing it won’t fall apart.

It can also be easily cleaned with a garden hose or bucket of water.


How many cats can it sleep?

As mentioned before, the kitty tube can sleep and home up to 3 adult cats quite comfortably.

How do I get the feral cats in?

First of all, do not put food inside the home as you will get every type of wild animal that is local to you. Once the weather worsens and the temperatures drop you will see your feral friends spending more time around the tube and before you know it they will be inside.

Just be patient, that’s all.


For a non-intrusive cat shelter that doesn’t take over your yard, can accommodate up to 3 large cats and will ensure that your cats or your feral cat are sheltered then this is for you.

For a shelter that can home 3 large cats then the price is quite sensible, although it is a bit more money than most alternatives.

It’s easy to clean, comes from one of the best manufacturers of outdoor cat homes and to be honest, quite basic but it is actually the basicness (is that a real word?) of this product that makes it so effective.

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Cozy Cat Large Insulated Cat House for Outside Use

Outside Cat HouseThis cedar wood cat shelter is large and very strong which makes it ideal for outdoor use and perfect for housing several feral cats at a time or especially large adults.

Being made of cedar not only ensures strength but helps it to resist harsh winters and extremely dry and hot summers, this type of wood is well known for its durability.

It will take you no more than 15 minutes to assemble it which means that you can have it built in no time at all so the cats can move in.

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Ideal for Hot & Cold Climates

This outdoor cat shelter is ideal for harsh winters and very hot summers. With its simple construction, there are many things you can do to it if you suspect there is rough weather on the way.

Very Hot Summers

If you live in an area where temperatures of soar above 100 regularly then it is recommended that you place minimal bedding inside the cat house or try adding straw which will help your kitties keep cool(er).

Placing too much bedding inside when you first set up this shelter may be a good idea during the winter but once the summer arrives the warmer bedding can become troublesome as it will be difficult to remove it without getting hassle from the cats.

Cold Winters

If you’re concerned about your feral cats surviving the freezing weather between late fall and early spring then try adding some extra straw into the home.

A popular tip is to insulate the outside of the home by adding a layer of tarp over the top of the shelter to help reduce wind chill and add a further layer of protection from snow and rain.

Large 2 Cat Shelter

A great feature is that this is a large outdoor cat house that comfortably accommodates 2 large outdoor cats or feral cats.

However, please bear in mind that feral cats are very territorial so, although you may see the feral cats together whilst outside, they may not be too keen on living in close proximity to each other.

Easy to Assemble

This is a simple structure that doesn’t have any tricky parts that will cause problems when building it.

Although, it simple but like most things that are simple, it is also very effective and robust.

**TOP TIP** This may not seem to most as a super tip but maybe more of an obvious statement.

If you raise it off the ground by placing it on a few blocks of wood or maybe you have something steady and flat you can place it on, then you can get a good few extra years out of it.

Pros and cons

Here’s a quick list of everything that’s good and not so good about the K & H kitty shelter.

  • Quick & Easy to Build
  • Good Quality Materials
  • Suitable for 2 Cats
  • Better than Canvas Shelters
  • I would recommend adding an overhang above the entrance as its possible rain may enter via the doorway.


For the price, this is a very effective outdoor cat shelter that is ideal for your cats in both the winter and the hot summers.

It’s simple to put together mainly because it is not an overcomplicated piece of kit and the parts are numbered to help even further.

The insulation of this product will ensure that your cat is comfortable during warm periods whilst also somewhere it can get out of the cold and survive the winter.

All in all, I recommend this large 2 cat shelter as its good value and does what it says its going to.