Understand More About Master Canopy Gazebos (6.6ft, 10ft, 10×15, 10×20)

  • By: Brian Comstock
  • Date: February 17, 2022
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Mastercanopy gazebos are popular for events that need instant shelter where a canopy can be fast to build and taken down, whilst providing water-resistance and shade.

Their range of canopies sizes include 6.6×6.ft, 8x8ft, 10x10ft canopies, 10×15, and the XL 10×20 canopy for larger events.  Lots of colors are available for each size.

Master Canopy Gazebo Picks

Mastercanopy EZ Pop up Tent 6.6’x6.6′

This small canopy by Mastercanopy is ideal for those more intimate gatherings of up to a maximum of 6 people for those backyard relaxing days or as a canopy to shade your children from the sun.

This ez-up canopy includes a sturdy pop-up frame that stretches out into shape, 600D water resistant fabric for protection, weight bags, guy ropes, tent pegs to add stability and a roller bag.

MasterCanopy Durable Ez Pop-up Gazebo Tent with Roller Bag(2x2M,Khaki)
  • ✅Upgraded Frame: Modern and durable design. Conducive for ventilation and cooling with vent on the roof. Strong and durable...
  • ✅Upgraded 3-Height Settings: The improved toggle leg adjustment will keep your fingers pinch-free and is easier to unlatch....
  • ✅Upgraded Package: Includes 6.6x6.6 Pop up canopy frame + Canopy tent top cover + Roller bag + 4 Weight bags. Wheeled bag...
  • ✅Upgraded Fabric: The improved fabric is UV coated to reflect 99% of harmful sun rays and water-resistant.
  • ✅Upgraded One-Minute Set-Up: 1.Take the fully assembled frame with top out of the bag and pull it open. 2.Place the fabrics...

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This canopy, like all canopies can be used on a wide variety of surfaces such as a patio, lawn, block paving, deck, beach for covering guests, fish pond, hot tub spa, and many other things…

Pros and cons


  • Will keep you dry
  • Great shade option
  • Easy to transport
  • Lots of different uses
  • Fits in the trunk
  • Easy set up


  • Room for upto 6 people


Adjustable Height Settings

You may need to lift up or lower you canopy’s height, whether it’s for taller guests, a large object that you may be covering up to keep dry or to lower during heavy winds.

The canopy frame has 3 different height settings. Which are: High 81′, Medium 77′, Low 73.2′.

The height is adjusted by pressing the button on the side of the frame and sliding the frame up or down and then click automatically into place they connectors meet in the right place.

Waterproof & UV Protection

The canopy fabric is polyester which is a popular material used in the canopy industry, which includes most tents as this material is flexible, strong and easy to make water resistant.

The material has a PU coating applied to the outer suface of the material.  This coating ensures the run off of rainfall and the reflection of harmful UV rays.

Eventually, the material will become less effective at providing protection but you can improive it by purchasing a waterproofing spray to improve the water resistance and uv protection.

Provides Dry Space

The dry space provided by this canopy is 44 sq. ft which is ample space for relaxation on your patio or lawn area.  The weight bags ensure this can be used on a hard or soft surface.

Ideally, and whenever possible, always try and use the weight bags, together with the tent pegs and guy ropes for maximum stability and sturdiness.

This size of dry space area means you can take it on vacation with you without it taking up too much room in your car and can be erected quickly beside your tent or camper.

Roller Bag Included

The roller bag included is important because not only does it keep everything together inside the bag and all in one place but also helps prevent against damage or losing items.

The wheels help you to transport it to your desired location whether that would be local parkland, to the bottom of your yard or as a stand at a local market stall.

If the bag wasn’t included, just think how aukward it would be to try and carry the canopy in 3 boxes and that would be a nightmare if there is just 1 person.  The bag is a big win…

Mastercanopy Instant Beach Shelter 8’x8′

With 64 square feet of shaded area, this 8′ x 8′ instant beach shelter is perfect for packing in your car and setting it up at a local beach or park for you and your friends to sit down for a picnic!

This offers great protection from the weather with a polyester and PU fabric canopy that’s both UV and water resistant.

MasterCanopy Durable Ez Pop-up Gazebo Tent with 1 Sidewall(2.5x2.5M,Blue)
  • ✅Canopy Materials: Polyester fabric, inside coated by PU. Professionally protect you from sun, wind and rain with 100%...
  • ✅Set includes: 8x8 Pop-Up Canopy Frame + Top Cover + 1 Side Wall + 1 Carry Bag + 4 Sandbags.
  • ✅Special Design: Easy to set up with just 2 people. Easy to put into a car. A vent hole is specially designed on the top to...
  • ✅Sturdy Canopy Structure: Super strong truss bars. Sturdy steel feet with two drilled holes. Smooth and safe push button...
  • ✅Wheeled Bag: 52x9x9 super heavy-duty roller bag. Sturdy and easy-glide wheels on solid steel axle for portability....

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This pack also includes a sidewall to protect you from the wind whenever it picks up, too.
Better yet, the canopy fabric has minimal discoloration and fading over time, so whichever of the various colors you choose will look its best for years to come yet!

Pros and cons


  • Perfect beach shade option
  • Water resistant should the weather turn
  • Easy to transport
  • Set up easily with 2 people
  • Adjustable height
  • Wheeled bag storage


  • Requires 2 people to lift on surfaces the wheeled bag can’t go over, as it’s quite heavy


Strong Canopy Structure

With super strong truss bars to support the main frame of the structure, this instant beach shelter isn’t going anywhere in a hurry, and wind isn’t an issue so long as it doesn’t pick up too much.

The legs are made of a sturdy steel material, so they can be transported around easily without risking causing damage such as snapping them or scratching them en route.

And to top it all off, Mastercanopy have reinforced the stress points where the peak poles meet to offer even more protection and reassurances to you as the customer.

Sidewall Protection

The addition of a sidewall is a nice touch, and it makes using the shelter much more convenient.

First, it offers some additional privacy which you can always benefit from on a busy beach or in a crowded park. It’s also great for little ones if you need to change their outfit real quick.

But more than anything else, it’ll increase your comfort. Too hot? Add the sidewall for additional shade. Too windy? Place up the sidewall and you’re protected instantly.

Lots Of Space Inside

At 8′ x 8′, you have a lot of space to work with thanks to this beach shelter. But the beauty is, it’s large without being too large, so you can transport it easily and use it in public areas.

With so much space, you could use it for a family trip to the beach, and still have room for everyone to sit beneath it for a picnic, surrounded by all the usual stuff you have to bring.

It’s also possible to use it for small events if you have a market stall or you’re having a garage sale and need an area to protect you whilst you’re selling, so it’s versatile too.

Four Weight Bags Included

The four weight bags just give you some added reassurance that the shelter is going to stay upright if the weather should change, so you can head out with confidence.

Not every company includes the weight bags in the kit you get when you buy a shelter like this, so it’s good to see here and there’s even space for them in the wheeled bag too.

The weight bags are empty when you get them, but since you’re supposed to fill them with sand, it makes sense to just grab some at the beach to keep your shelter up.

Mastercanopy Pop up Canopy Tent 10’x10′

This gazebo is perfect for large family get-togethers. Whether there’s a big game on, a backyard BBQ, or it’s just a nice day to gather your loved ones, this gazebo is perfect.

It’s large enough to sit a 6 person dining set, including tables and chairs beneath it, or it’s large enough for 10-15 people to stand beneath if you’re just offering somewhere to hide from the sun.

MASTERCANOPY 3x5M Pop-up Gazebo Canopy Tent with Double Awnings Navy Blue
  • ✅Bigger Shade: This 3x5M dual awning canopy provides 170 square feet shade. Big enough for 10-15 people to sit under it.
  • ✅Unique Dual Awning Design: Two half awnings can be set up for additional shade or protection from rain. Enjoy picnics,...
  • ✅Package includes: a Canopy with Adjustable Dual Half Awnings, 4 Sandbags, 4 Ropes, 8 Stakes for stabilizing the canopy...
  • ✅Durable Material: Canopy top is made of PU coated polyester fabric, ensuring 99% UV resistance, Water resistance and a...
  • ✅Excellent Service: 1 year for replacements of the frame. 6 months for replacements of other parts. If it’s possible that...

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With the additional 2 half awnings, you can also provide some extra protection from any rain that might start up, or even just to provide some additional shade.

Pros and cons


  • 2 half awnings add a lot to the design
  • 99% UV protection
  • Water resistant PU coated polyester
  • 8 stabilizing stakes
  • Simple pull rings to fix in place
  • Sturdy frame


  • Canopy doesn’t fit easily in wheeled bag (but the frame does)


Great Warranty

It’s not often you see great warranties with gazebos and pop up shelters because they’re notorious for breaking if there’s a change in weather conditions.

But Mastercanopy offers a warranty with this pop up canopy tent that’s something to really get excited about.

1 year warranty applies to the frame, so if your frame is damaged or completely broken in that time, you can get replacement parts for free. And there’s even a 6 month warranty on the canopy too!

8 Tent Stakes

Larger canopy tents need more support to keep them upright. Yes, the frame is sturdy on its own, but it’s nice to see that 8 tent stakes are included in the package here.

It takes an extra minute or two to stick them in your lawn, but the added reassurance and the stabilizing effect it has on your canopy tent is worth that small amount of time.

There are also four ropes that you can use to further stabilize the structure, so these, combined with the stakes and already robust frame, mean this gazebo isn’t going anywhere.

Attractive Design

It’s rare to find a pop up canopy tent you can describe as attractive or interesting, but both apply to this one thanks to the two half awnings that you can use.

They’re easy to attach with just a simple shade poll inside the fabric and a horn buckle on both ends to keep them in place.

Then simply slide them to where you want them and attach them using the pull ring.

The adjustable awnings and the range of colors offered with this gazebo make it really interesting and it’ll look great in your backyard and on the road; wherever you choose to use it!

Easy Set Up

It’ll only take two of you a couple minutes to have this pop up tent canopy up and ready to be used, and it’s super easy to do. Hence the ‘pop up’ part of the title.

Simply fix the canopy on the pop up frame’s four corners with the Velcro attachment, and then on to the frame itself in the center. Then pull up the frame from one side.

Make sure you fasten it into place using the simple push buttons and repeat the process with the other side of the canopy tent’s frame.

Then it’s just a quick adjustment of the awnings and you’re all done!

Mastercanopy Instant Beach Shelter 10’x10′

A 10′ x 10′ beach shelter really will provide you and your family with all the space you need to enjoy a fun-filled day out at the beach, but this is perfect for at-home and on-the-go use too!

With a PU coated polyester canopy that offers 100% water resistance because of the heat sealed seams, this beach shelter is perfect to take with you in case it rains.

MasterCanopy Durable Ez Pop-up Gazebo Tent with 1 Sidewall(3X3M,Red)
  • ✅Canopy Materials: Polyester fabric, inside coated by PU. Professionally protect you from sun, wind and rain with 100%...
  • ✅Set includes: 10x10 Pop-Up Canopy Frame + Top Cover + 1 Side Wall + 1 Carry Bag + 4 Sandbags.
  • ✅Special Design: Easy to set up with just 2 people. Easy to put into a car. A vent hole is specially designed on the top to...
  • ✅Sturdy Canopy Structure: Super strong truss bars. Sturdy steel feet with two drilled holes. Smooth and safe push button...
  • ✅Wheeled Bag: 52x9x9 super heavy-duty roller bag. Sturdy and easy-glide wheels on solid steel axle for portability....

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Add in its super heavy duty wheeled bag with reinforced easy slide wheels and a solid axle, and you have a beach shelter you can take with you on all of your adventures!

Pros and cons


  • 100% water resistant
  • UV protection
  • Large shaded area (100sq ft)
  • Long-lasting frame
  • 9 ft centre height
  • Easy set up and takedown


  • 4 people set up works best


Excellent Airflow

A little obvious perhaps, especially considering there is only one sidewall attachment, leaving the other 3 walls open to the elements. However, let’s focus on that sidewall a moment.

It actually falls short at the bottom by around 6 inches, and this is excellent for airflow because it keeps air circulating on those hot days.

The sidewall is perfect for creating additional shade beneath the canopy, but it can get a little stuffy if there isn’t proper airflow. Thankfully, with this design, you don’t need to worry about that.

Easily Adjusted Height

There are 3 holes in each of the steel legs that you can lock into place to adjust the height. This is perfect because you might need to use different heights.

If you’re at a local park or beach, for example, you might want to put it on the lowest setting to avoid blocking anyone’s view of the water or nature too much.

Likewise, in your own backyard, it’s good to have a towering structure to impress your guests. Not to mention you may need to adjust it to create the best shade too, so the fact that it’s easily adjusted is great.

Weather Resistant Canopy

With UV protection of 50+, you know this canopy is something that will protect you and your family on those hot summer beach days to prevent any sunburns.

But when the weather turns for the worse, then you can also be reassured by the 100% water resistant PU coated polyester canopy. Place up a side wall, and your family trip stays on track!

The sidewall also protects against the wind, and there are customer pictures online of this gazebo covered in snow and still standing. It probably isn’t recommended, but it shows how great this shelter is.

Tight Fitting Canopy

Some people see this as a negative because it might take a little while for them to attach the canopy on the four corners correctly before popping up the frame and setting it in place.

But think of it like a bedsheet. If it isn’t tight fitting, then it’ll come off the mattress and irritate you all night long, so the fact that the canopy is tight is a good thing.

It’ll prevent it from coming loose, but also help protect you against all the weather conditions talked about above, so it’s a win-win!

Mastercanopy Pop up Canopy Tent 10’x15′

The bigger they are, the harder they fall – or in Mastercanopy’s case, the bigger they are, the less likely they are to fall, and that’s certainly the case with this pop up canopy tent.

With powder coated truss support at least 1mm thick, sturdy supporting legs, ropes, stakes, and sandbags, this large canopy tent is designed to withstand 50km per hour winds!

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Not only is it strong, but it’s simple to set up too with just three simple steps that will see your new canopy tent popped up and ready to use in less than a minute!

Pros and cons


  • Simple set up
  • Large shaded area (150sq ft)
  • Sandbags, stakes, and ropes included
  • 500 denier polyester canopy
  • Reflects 99% of harmful UV rays
  • Great 1 year warranty on frame, 6 month warranty on canopy


  • Sidewalls are purchased separately


Truss Support

The durable truss bars that are used in this design help in several ways. First, they support the canopy better, so there’s less chance of it coming undone once it’s set up.

Second, it supports the frame, making it sturdier without making it so resistant that the frame snaps in winds (remember, this canopy tent can withstand 50km per hour winds).

And finally, it helps with the pop up design. Truss bars open and close much easier than fixed ones do, so altogether you get a frame that’s easy to set up and takedown, strong, and robust!

Easy Set Up

Three simple steps are all it takes here. First, take the fully assembled frame from the convenient wheeled bag and open it out to its full width without popping it up.

Next, attach the canopy over the frame before adjusting the legs and popping up the frame.

Finally, use the easy-to-use thumb buttons to adjust the height of the canopy and then snap them into place. Then all you need to do is secure it with the added extras and you’re all done.

Lots Of Extras Included

With four sandbags, you can easily set this up in an open area on the beach or in your backyard if you have the room. The extra weight will hold your canopy tent firmly in place.

But if that doesn’t work, use the 8 stakes provided to support the frame some more by placing the stakes in your lawn to prevent it from moving when the wind picks up.

Likewise, the 4 ropes are great for even more peace of mind should you need it. Large structures like this might feel insecure, but with these added extras they certainly won’t.

Vast Area To Work Under

At 10′ x 10′, this canopy tent is huge. It provides 150sq ft of shaded space for all your large family get-togethers and fun-filled days out. It even works as a shaded dining area.

The center height also stands at a huge 11ft tall, so you know that this is perfect for anyone, with no ducking and diving required to enter it.

Having such a large space is a bonus for events with friends and family, but it works just as well for professional events too, so there are a lot of instances where a canopy tent of this size can come in handy.

Mastercanopy Canopy Commercial Grade 10×20

Looking for a commercial grade canopy tent you can use at outdoor events? Then this last option is perfect for you thanks to its large size and durable frame.

Offering 200sq ft of cover, this canopy tent can be used in all weathers as it’s water resistant, UV resistant, and resistant to winds of up to 50km per hour.

MasterCanopy Pop Up Canopy Tent 10x20 Commercial Instant Canopies with Heavy Duty Roller Bag, Bonus 4 Canopy Sand Bags (10'x20',White)
  • Strong and Sturdy Frame: 10 x 20ft. Full Truss Structure of powder-coated 1mm thick square shaped legs and super strong cross...
  • Large Space: 10 x 20 Pop Up Canopy with straight legs provides a true 200 square feet shade. Big enough for about 6-10 people...
  • Great Value: Package Includes: 10x20 Canopy, 4 Sandbags, 4 Ropes, 4 Tent Stakes and a Wheeled Bag, which is made of 600D...
  • Simple and Rapid Setup: Set up in 1 minute in just 3 steps. 1.Take the fully assembled frame with top out of the bag and pull...
  • International products have separate terms, are sold from abroad and may differ from local products, including fit, age...

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Setting it up is as simple as can be, the frame itself is rust resistant so it can be used year-on-year, and the canopy provides a wonderful amount of shade to keep everyone protected.

Pros and cons


  • 200sq ft shaded area
  • 11 ft center height
  • Rust resistant frame
  • Fade resistant canopy
  • Easy set up and takedown
  • Robust frame


  • Instructions a little complex until you get the hang of it


Rust Resistance

The rust resistant powder coated steel frame is perfect for a commercial grade canopy tent, because it pretty much guarantees the longevity of the product you’re buying.

A frame that is rust resistant is important when you’re using this canopy tent as part of your business, because you’ll need to use it in all weathers, and it’s good to know you can.

Frames that are rust resistant will last much longer, and when you consider the one-year warranty on the frame that’s offered with this product, you can feel more confident in it.

Fade Resistant

The same applies to the fade resistant canopy. It doesn’t matter which color you purchase this in (and there are plenty to choose from); you want to know it’ll look just the same.

The sun will naturally take any darker colors and make them lighter. That’s a given. But with a fade resistant coating on the canopy, this will be far less noticeable.

You might choose a brighter colored canopy to help your tent stand out at business fairs etc., so it’s good to know it’ll look the same every time you take it to an event.

Robust Frame

Not only is the frame rust resistant, but it’s also robust enough to withstand winds of up to 50km per hour, so it can handle a few gusts here and there without issue.

This is mostly because of the truss design that reinforces the frame at all the typical stress points, preventing it from becoming so stressed that it breaks or is damaged.

Again, this is important in commercial grade tents because you need to be confident it won’t break during an event. And this one won’t.

Storage Solution Included

Probably the best thing of all, if you’re using this as a business canopy tent only, is that it has a storage solution with it as part of the kit you purchase.

The wheeled bag helps to transport it, but it also keeps everything in one convenient place, so you don’t need to worry about finding a spot for it at home or in the office.

It all collapses down into the wheeled bag, which is then small enough to fit in the trunk of a car, so you can take it to wherever the business is at without issue!

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