How to keep your Yurt cool in the Summer?

  • By: Brian Comstock
  • Date: October 19, 2021
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50c temperature and sweaty person
Temperatures can soar during summer months

It is fair to say that there are few more attractive camping and portable living options at the moment than a top-level yurt.

There is something remarkably liberating about the idea of being able to pick up and haul your “home” with you wherever you want to go.

We mentioned already about how to keep a yurt warm in winter but check out our tips below on how to keep a yurt warm in summer.

What’s more, yurts are a form of housing which has hundreds of years’ worth of history to them, with the Mongols among their first and most famous users.

If it was good enough for one of the greatest armies and empires in the history of the world, surely it’s good enough to give it a try.

That being said, the armies of Genghis Khan didn’t have to put up with the kind of dry heat you’ll experience in the Mojave Desert or the tropical humidity of a place such as Miami.

So, how can you keep your yurt cool in summer?

Ceiling Fans

One of the best housing upgrades you can choose to keep cool during the summer is a ceiling fan, and the same holds true for a yurt.

As long as your yurt has electricity, you’ll be able to hook up a ceiling fan to the top and circulate air, cooling the interior considerably.

Shaded Locations

As stated, one of the great appeals of owning a yurt is being able to pick up and move wherever you want to – so why not settle somewhere with shade?

You don’t want to set down in a space in which you are subjected to direct sunlight. Take advantage of trees and mountainsides for some natural shade.

Dome Skylights and Awning

dome skylight
Yurts often have a design similar to this

Another of the winning charms of a yurt is the fact that it allows more immediate exposure to the great outdoors than a traditional home.

Why not take advantage of that fact by opting for a yurt with a dome skylight?

Not only does a yurt such as this allow you to ventilate your home easily and get some fresh air through the top, it also allows the hot air to escape.

It’s a nice callback to old-fashioned yurts which would have done the same thing for the same reasons.

You might also want to opt for window awnings. These offer even more shade while simultaneously adding a nice aesthetic touch to your yurt.

Living in a yurt can be a cool way to live off the grid and closer to nature.

With these cooling options, you’ll be able to keep your cool and carry on living in your yurt during those long summer months.

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