Do Canopy Bed Tents Break Easy?

  • By: Ian Dale
  • Date: February 17, 2022
  • Time to read: 5 min.

A canopy bed features vertical posts at each corner of the bed which extend a few feet above the mattress. The tops of the posts are usually connected, creating a rectangular panel. This type of bed is popular because of it’s lavish design and the feeling of grandeur that it provides. They’re often found in children’s rooms or master bedrooms. 

If it is constructed properly, a canopy bed tent will not break easily. You must ensure that it’s made of materials that are strong, but not heavy. Now that you know this, it’s important that we take a look at these 10 canopy bed accessories that you must have- and why you need them. 

Canopy Bed Accessories 

There are several canopy bed accessories that every canopy bed owner must have, including curtains, curtain tie backs, and so much more! These accessories will add visual interest to your room and make your canopy bed more comfortable and practical to use. 



Curtains are considered to be the ultimate accessory when it comes to canopy beds. They are the easiest way to decorate your canopy bed. Curtains come in a variety of materials, including cotton, silk, velvet, and so much more. This will ensure that you match the décor already present in your room. A translucent curtain will create an airy, breezy ambience, while opaque curtains will provide a bolder look with more privacy. 

You can tie the curtains to the posts of your canopy bed or you can allow them to flow freely. Additionally, they can be hooked into the ceiling or draped from the top of the posts. 

While it’s true that curtains add beauty to your canopy bed, you must make sure to wash and maintain them regularly. 

Curtain Tie Backs 

If you have curtains, curtain tie backs are a necessary accessory. These keep the curtains on your canopy bed tied back out of the way. Traditionally, they attach to the wall via hooks and loop around the curtain. 

However, there are some more modern magnetic tie backs on the market. These are a great alternative because they hold the curtain open and you don’t have to drill holes/anchor hooks into the wall. 

If he tie backs end up being too long, you can wrap them around the curtain more than once to keep them from sliding down. Additionally, the tie backs can be positioned on each corner of the bed, so they hold the curtains the way you want. 

Mosquito Nets 

If you live in a warmer climate where mosquitos are abundant, a mosquito net can be a great addition to your canopy bed. Mosquito nets are mesh, so you can have them closed without worrying about obstructing your view. 

These are typically easy to install and can hang from the corners of the bed posts or hang from hooks on the ceiling or wall anchors. 

When closed, mosquito nets allow you to sleep by keeping mosquitos and other unwanted insects from getting into your bed. The fabric does overlap to keep the insects out, but also provides openings so that you can get in or out of the bed when you need to. 

LED Lights 

LED lights are a great addition to your canopy bed. These provide a warm glow that will make you feel cozier when you’re in bed. They create a lovely, welcoming atmosphere without causing harm to your eyes. They can be used safely with curtains and can be left on for many hours. 

Draped String Lights 

On the other hand, string lights can be used across the rails of your canopy bed like the LED lights mentioned above. However, these are a more modern, chic option. The lighting these provide makes the bed more welcoming and provides a magical glow and enchanting ambience. 

Round Lace Canopy Net 

A round lace canopy net is a beautiful accessory that makes your bed more romantic, as they are lightweight and can be draped loosely and gracefully. These round nets hang from the ceiling and can enclose the entire bed. There’s one opening where the two ends meet.

Even when you are in bed and this net is closed, you can still see out since the fabric is translucent. They add an elegant touch to your room and also keep insects out so you can sleep well. 

Bed Tents 


For a child’s canopy bed, a bed tent is a great accessory to have. These are not attached to the walls or the ceiling but use poles to hold their shape on the bed. They have hooks that attach to each corner of the mattress via loop bands to hold them upright on the bed. 

You can open the tent from 3 sides, allowing you to get in or out of the bed without disturbing others. 

Due to the mesh vent at the top, these tents remain cool. When closed, the tent provides privacy, keeps mosquitos and other insects out, and offers a warm, cozy environment for sleeping in. 

Bed Skirts 

A bed skirt is an accessory that wraps around the foundation of the mattress. They hang to the floor, concealing the space between the frame and floor. This way, the storage space beneath the mattress is hidden, but can still be accessed. Additionally, a bed skirt protects you against dust and make the bed appear more refined and polished. 

Typically, bed skirts have split corners and beautiful ruffles and can complement the curtains you chose for your canopy bed. You can find bed skirts in a variety of colors and patterns, matching the style of your room, and can find them in a variety of fabrics. 

Bed Benches

Another beautiful addition to your canopy bed set up is a bench at the foot of the bed. This will provide you with a more finished look. You can find bed benches in a variety of colors, shapes, materials, and sizes. A bed bench can make the bed area flow better with the rest of the room and adds embellishment to the bed area. 

However, there’s much more to this accessory than just the aesthetics. A bed bench is commonly chosen because of it’s practicality. They give you a place to sit, tie your shoes, get dressed, or- in some cases- provide storage under the bench for things such as extra bedding or pillows. 

Throw Pillows 

A canopy bed typically features hard lines and solid beams. This causes the bed to appear plain and boxy. Decorative elements such as throw pillows can bring color and vibrancy to your bed area. 

Truthfully, any bed can benefit from throw pillows because they are functional and bring warmth and freshness to your bed. You can find throw pillows in a variety of materials, colors, and patterns. This accessory is the perfect finishing touch to the décor of your canopy bed.


In conclusion, to answer the question, do canopy bed tents break easily- no, they do not as long as they are constructed properly. If you have a sub-par canopy bed tent, it’s possible that it could break. However, this is definitely not always the case. 

On the other hand, there are several canopy bed accessories that everyone needs to consider adding to bring their bedroom and canopy bed to life. These all make the bed area more inviting and can make it more comfortable in a lot of ways. 


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