Dallas Cowboys Canopy with Team Logo and Colors

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So, you think you’re a Dallas cowboys superfan, you’ve got all the apparel but do you have a Dallas cowboys canopy for those wild tailgating parties?

Well, you can in no time at all.

The good thing is that if you’re looking to keep your guests dry or even covered from the hot sun then you’re gonna need one of these amazing canopies with logo and the cowboy’s team colors.

Check it out below with frequently asked questions answered too.

Dallas Cowboys Canopy Logo & Colors

Dallas Cowboys Canopy Tent for Tailgate Party

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Is this everything you’ve ever wanted from a pop up canopy, that’s right, a canopy with your favorite team colors and logo?

Surely, this is what dreams are made of, a Cowboys canopy…

Now you can be that Cowboy superfan that you’ve always claimed to be and what’s great is that is can be assembled in less than 60 seconds.

This means it’s perfect for a Cowboys tailgate party.

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Package Includes

When you purchase this canopy you will receive the following items shipped to your address registered on Amazon.com.

  • Cowboys Waterproof Canopy
  • Concertina Pop up Frame
  • Guy Ropes for each corner
  • Black Carrying Case

Everything you need to provide shelter for your tailgate party or event is provided.


Easy up Canopy

Stopwatch 60 seconds

Just 60 seconds…

This canopy is extremely easy to build and can be popped up in less than 60 seconds.

The first time you build this canopy it may take you a little longer than 60 seconds to assemble but once you’ve built it for the first time, all future uses you’ll have it built much quicker.

To assemble the canopy tent, all you have to do is attach the waterproof cover over the top of the frame.

You attach it with velcro straps and once you’ve attached it you can leave it on permanently, even when you take it down.

You then walk backward to stretch out the frame and then lift the legs up to the full height.

The height is approximately 108 inches (2.7 meters), whilst the width and length are both 9 feet (108 inches, 2.7 meters)

Waterproof & UV Protection

The material of the cover top is very good quality and will keep you and your guests dry from rainfall and sheltered from the sun.  Everything to ensure your event is a success…

The roof material is not fire-resistant so if you are cooking underneath then it’s advisable to ensure the bricks are hot but not flaming if you have to cook under it.

4 Dallas Cowboy Logos

There are 2 large logos on the top cover and 2 logos on the eaves, so if anyone was in doubt whether you’re a Cowboys superfan then they’ll soon know when they see this amazing tent.

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If you decide to buy this Cowboys tent then it’s a good option to purchase weights to help tie the canopy to the floor.

Yeah, you do get a set of guy ropes in each corner from the eaves section which will provide better stability but you’ll find your shelter to be much more sturdy by attaching anchor weights around the frame legs or buy the weights here from Amazon

Dallas Cowboys Tailgate Opener 2018

Check out this youtube video of a pre-party at lot 5, loads of fun and lots of noise, GO COWBOYS…