Best Car Sunshades To Block Bright Sun & UV

baby asleep in a car seat with a rag covering their eyes

Sunshades are a much better option than this…

Keeping the sun out of your childrens eyes during long car journeys will make your journey far more peaceful.

One of the worst parts about a summer holiday is children uncomfortable and crying in the back of your car.

By keeping the sun out of their eyes, they will be able to relax in peace throughout the journey.

This is where a car sun shade comes to save your car ride.

Check out our reviews below to find out which one is best for you and your baby.


Avantina | Best Car Sun Shade for Baby & Toddler

avantina universal car sun shady

Your child will love the images

Those who are looking for a car sunshade to protect their babies or children in the back seat of the car will like this product. Every purchase includes two sunshades so that there will be one for each back window.

It has a very cute design that your kids will think is nice. It has been made to be appealing to children and it has also been meticulously designed in order to keep them safe.

This sun shade comes with suction cups that you’ll be able to easily attach to your window.

It won’t take long to get this on and you’ll be able to breathe more easily knowing that your kids are safe from the sun.

This is a cost-effective sunshade that will always be easy to handle. It has been made with quality materials and you’ll find that it has many positive qualities.

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  • It is easy to attach to the window.
  • It does a great job of blocking out UV rays/radiation.
  • It comes with two sunshades.
  • The included suction cups are very strong.
  • It comes in a cute, kid-friendly design.
  • It might be too large for certain car windows.


Here’s what we thought were the best features of this product.

Protects From UV Damage

These car sunshades have been designed to protect your child from UV damage. This will also prevent exposure from UV radiation. It keeps your babies or children from having their eyes hurt by the sun. These sunshades are dark enough to keep your children safe.

Easy to Install

Attaching these car sun shades to your car windows will be very simple. Folding and unfolding these sunshades takes very little effort. You should be able to get these sunshades placed on your windows in mere moments.

This is going to be very easy for parents who need to get their kids ready quickly.

They designed this product to be as user-friendly as possible so that you can get up and go.

Cute Characters

The cute characters that are used for these sunshades will keep your children smiling. These are fun animal characters that are designed to be appealing for kids.

There’s a little cartoon penguin, a whale, a snail, a bee, an elephant, a zebra, and a crab.

Strong Suction Cups

The strong suction cups are going to ensure that your sunshades stay in place. These give you a really strong hold and they’re designed to last for a long time. You will be impressed with how strong these suction cups are.

They do an excellent job of staying in place but are still easy enough to remove when necessary.

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Barucci | Retractable Car Sunshade with UV Protection

barucci rolling car blinds

Rolling blinds give your children more control

Buying the Barucci Roller Shade is going to give you access to two car side window sunshades, these have been designed to protect kids, babies, pets, and passengers in the back seat of a car.

They have a rolling design that allows the retractable sunshade to go up and down when necessary. They’re also capable of cooling down the car somewhat on a sunny day.

This is known as one of the best roller shade options for blocking out the sun and UV rays.

All back seat passengers will be shielded from harmful UV rays when you have this roller shade installed.

Installation is designed to be very simple too. You should be able to get this installed quickly and you’ll be able to count on it to protect your passengers.

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  • It provides significant UV protection.
  • It is very easy to install.
  • It is long-lasting and durable.
  • It has a convenient rolling design.
  • It allows for easy adjustments.
  • It keeps things cooler.
  • The suction cup design isn’t always perfect.


We’ve gathered what we thought stood out the most to us about this product, check them out below.

Great UV Protection

The main appeal of this product is that it provides great UV protection. This is capable of blocking out harmful UV rays so that the passengers in the back seat of your car can have a better experience. It’s also important for babies and children so that they will not have their eyes damaged by direct sunlight. It can keep things more comfortable for anyone who is traveling in the back seat of your car.

Rolling Shade Design

The rolling shade design is very convenient overall. This is going to allow back seat passengers to roll the sunshade up and down whenever they want to. It’s very easy to roll the shade up if an adult wants to be able to peer out of the window. It also allows people to adjust things to their liking.

There might be a situation where an adult will want to have the sunshade halfway up. The rolling design makes this easy to accomplish. Being able to customize things to your liking is a great feature.

Easy to Install

Another great feature of this rolling sunshade is that it is designed to be easy to install. Installation simply involves making use of three suction cup pads. You press those against the car window and you’re ready to go. This is something that can be installed in minutes.

Cools Down the Car

These sunshades have also been made to help cool down your car. If you’d like to lower the temperature a little bit in the car, then using sunshades is a smart idea. This can keep the back seat significantly more comfortable on hot, sunny days.

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Minluk | Car Blind for Full Car Window Coverage (Full Set)

minluk car window shades, pack of 5

This comes in a pack of 5

If you’re looking for a full set of car blinds, then this product is going to be perfect for your needs.

This set of car blinds comes with five different pieces.

You’ll be receiving a sunshade for the windshield and four smaller sunshades for the various driver and passenger-side car windows. This is great for when you want to keep the car cool in a parking lot.

This has been made to be easy to apply and you simply use suction cups to place the car blinds on your car windows.

These suction cups are very efficient and they will stick to the window glass as tightly as possible.

It’s also easy to store these away when they aren’t in use. There is an included storage pouch that will fit all of the shades.

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  • It is a full car set of sunshades.
  • It is made from a mesh material with no odor.
  • It is easy to apply and remove.
  • It is convenient to store.
  • It protects from up to 97% of UV sun rays.
  • It cools down your car.
  • The size might not be perfect for all car styles.


This product is perfect if you want full window coverage, but there are multiple features that make this one of the best, check them out below.

Protects From UV Sun Rays

One of the best reasons to buy this set of sunshades is that it protects your car. UV sun rays have the potential to be damaging in many ways. They can be harmful to your skin and your eyes. Making use of these high-quality car blinds will keep you protected from up to 97% of UV sun rays.

Mesh Material

The mesh material that has been used to create these car blinds is very nice. Some sunshades might have a type of vinyl odor that can be obnoxious. These have no odor at all and will simply make your car more comfortable. You can protect yourself from the sun without having to put up with any faint smells.

Easy to Apply and Remove

These car blinds have been designed to be as easy to apply and remove as possible. You simply use the included suction cups to apply the car blinds to your windows. It should only take a few minutes to get the car blinds applied to your windows and taking them off will be even faster. It makes it very practical to use these whenever you’re in need.

Cools the Car Down

Keeping your car cool is another important feature offered by these sunshades. Using these will help to make your car more comfortable. You won’t have to worry about things getting quite so hot when these sunshades are placed in your windows.

Easy to Store

Storing these car blinds won’t be tough either. You’ll be able to keep them in the included storage bag. All you have to do is twist and fold the blinds. Once this is done, they’ll easily fit in the bag and you’ll have a safe spot to keep them while they aren’t in use.

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Peyou | Car Side Window Shades with Double Mesh Layer

peyou full car window shade

You can have your window open with these shades

Anyone who wants to enjoy full window coverage when buying a sunshade for his or her car is going to be pleased with this product.

This is a convenient stretchy mesh sunshade that you can install in your windows.

It protects you from the sun while still allowing you to roll your windows down. This will benefit you in many different ways and is made to be easy to use.

The double mesh layer design is made to fully cover the rear windows.

This can make it less hot in your car while also keeping the sun from bothering passengers. Using a sunshade with this design is a perfect way to keep kids safe from UV rays as well.

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  • It fits most cars and SUVs.
  • You can still roll the windows down.
  • It provides complete coverage.
  • It is easy to install and remove.
  • It protects people from getting sunburned.
  • These won’t work with frameless windows.


There’s plenty to talk about with this product, but we’ve summarised what we think are the best features below.

Designed to Fit Most Cars and SUVs

These car sunshades have been designed to fit most cars and SUVs. These won’t work for frameless or sliding glass windows. Even so, these will work with 95% of cars on the market. It’s going to be a good fit for most people.

Complete Coverage

The fact that you’ll be able to completely cover the rear windows of your car is really nice. Most sunshades leave a little bit of room where the sun can sneak in. This is not going to be the case with these sunshades. It’s the perfect option for those who wish to avoid being sunburned.

Simple to Install and Remove

Installing and removing these sunshades is easier than you might think. This sunshade is made out of flexible, stretchy mesh. You simply stretch the mesh over the open car door to install it. When you want to take it off, it’s going to be easy to remove it and you can store things away.

Allows You to Roll Windows Down

The mesh design is even good enough to still allow you to roll your windows down. You’ll be able to enjoy a breeze without having to put up with the sunlight bothering you. Rolling down the windows will never be an issue when your sunshades have been properly applied.

Reduces Car Heat

The total coverage of these sunshades will make it so that you can cool down your car nicely. You’ll be able to reduce the temperature in the car by using these sunshades properly. It can make car rides that much more comfortable when it is very hot outside.