Best Yurts for Glamping & Regular Use in USA with Reviews

yurt near a mountain range

They are commonly used by Nomads

We all love a good camping trip, right?

Well, Yurts make that trip extra special, if glamping is more your style then this will add that extra wow factor.

I remember years ago, there was only a few different styles of tents to choose from and there wasn’t anything available like this.

There’s many on the market but knowing what’s right for you is essential, that’s why we also put together a buyer’s guide incase you need extra assistance with your decision.

Top 4 Yurts with Reviews – Carefully Selected By Our Experts

We’ve put together a list of what we consider to be the best Yurts, check out our reviews below.

1. Dream House Luxury
2. Original Lotus Belle
stout bell tent with stove exit, ideal for cold weather
3. Stout Bell Tent
whiteduck yurt, ideal for hot weather
4. Whiteduck Cotton Yurt

Dream House Luxury: Ideal for Parties/Hunting/Glamping

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dream house cotton yurtThe Dream House Luxury tent is the ideal companion for anyone who loves camping.

This large tent is made of cotton canvas fabric and is waterproof. It’s large enough for a family to sleep in and will even accommodate furniture if you really want to deck it out in style.

A heavy-duty PVC ground sheet will keep out the dirt and can even be wiped clean.

The Dream House tent also includes mosquito nets to keep out those annoying bugs wherever you happen to be camping out. Durable double-stitched seams and wind-proofing up to 30 miles an hour also mean that this tent is tough enough to endure most camping trips in the great outdoors.

What Are the Pros/Cons?

  • Durable waterproof cotton canvas
  • wind-proof up to 30 miles an hour
  • Easily accommodates a family
  • Easy to put up
  • Large PVC ground floor
  • Sides can be rolled up
  • Stakes are not as durable as they could be.

Water and Wind-Proof

The one thing a tent needs to be when everyone is out camping is waterproof, the Dream House Yurt is made from cotton canvas and comes already waterproofed.

It also includes extra ropes and stakes for when there is a higher wind outside.

It has been rated as being able to resist winds of up to 30 miles an hour, which is sufficient in most cases.

Spacious Luxury

The big advantage of this kind of tent is that it has been specifically designed to be spacious inside without sacrificing other features. It can easily accommodate an entire family plus bedding.

This also means that it’s big enough to accommodate air mattresses that are more comfortable than sleeping bags on the ground.

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Original Lotus Belle 16ft Tent – Premium Option

Original Lotus Belle Tent, ethically made

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The Original Lotus Belle tent is a very popular seller and features a thick cotton canvas design that has been ethically sourced. This makes it appealing to the eco-conscious buyer who also wants a tent that’s tough and durable.

Due to the fact that the Lotus Belle includes mesh windows, it’s also easy to allow more air flow through the tent interior. This makes it ideal on a hotter day in the great outdoors.

One of the most unique selling points of this tent is the shape and design.

It has what could be described as a “TARDIS” shape so that every available inch of space inside can be used.

Many people find the shape appealing and this makes it an excellent choice for people who want something a little different than the norm and even those who enjoy glamping.

What Are the Pros/Cons?

  • Unique Shape
  • Easily accommodates a small family.
  • PVC windows
  • Zippable Mesh
  • Good Air Flow (Keeps cool)
  • Tough and durable
  • Shape not to everyones taste

Tough and Durable

The Lotus Belle is a tough tent that has been built to last for many years if treated well.

The included stakes are made from stainless steel and not aluminum so they will last for a lot longer.

The cotton canvas material is also tough and is also waterproof, this makes it ideal for any kind of camping trip outdoors.

Unique Design

The unique shape of the Lotus Belle is a big selling point.

It appeals to people who want something that looks really different than other tents on the market. Furthermore, it has been designed in this way to make the most of the interior space.

Easy Climate Control

The included PVC and zippable mesh windows in the Lotus Belle make it easy to ventilate the tent on a hot day. This also makes it easier to control the climate of the tent.

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Stout Bell Tent – 5″ Stove Pipe Exit Hole – Best For Colder Weather

stout bell tent with stove exit, ideal for cold weather

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The Stout Bell tent is an excellent choice for people who love camping in the great outdoors and want a durable modern tent with some nice features.

One of the best things about the Stove Tent is the built-in five-inch stove jack, this allows campers to use a camping stove without fear of damaging the tent or harming themselves.

The durability of the included all-metal sliders and the overall quality of the materials make for a great investment that will pay for itself after only a few camping trips.

The other great benefit is that the Stout tent is easy to set-up with very little fuss.

This is good news for people who are sick and tired of grappling with cheap tents.

What Are the Pros/Cons?

  • Durable, tough, and high quality materials
  • UV Proof Materials
  • Long lifespan
  • Easy-to-use mesh doors and windows
  • Double wall model with mesh
  • Offers an easy set-up process
  • Needs a few people to set up

Excellent Customer Service
One of the best things about the Stout Bell Tent is how easy the company’s customer service is to get in touch with.

Unlike some companies that try to avoid customer issues, Stout Bell is happy to respond and will service every customer to the best of their ability.

Spacious and Tough

It’s very necessary to have a tent that can handle all kinds of weather, from heavy rain to wind. The Stout Bell tent can easily handle a heavy downpour without issue, water-proofing ensures this.

The included steel tensioners can also be used to anchor the guy lines so that the tent can resist a heavy wind.

Many owners also enjoy just how spacious the tent is inside. Many people can even fit two queen-sized mattresses in it and still have space to play with. This ensures that every camping trip will be comfortable.

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Whiteduck 100% Cotton Yurt – Best for Hot Weather

whiteduck yurt, ideal for hot weather

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Whether you are a keen camper or an eager glamper, this Whiteduck yurt will offer something valuable. This tent has been designed to endure many camping trips and it really shows with the high quality cotton material and the included tools.

The other benefit is that the cotton is completely water-proof and even repels water. It has also been treated so it will resist the growth of mildew, which is a common issue for cheap cotton canvas tents. This makes it a cost-effective option for all campers.

With a generous amount of space inside, this tent is more comfortable than many, and it’s even possible for most people to stand up inside it and not feel as if they are claustrophobic. This makes for an ideal camping or glamping experience.

What Are the Pros/Cons?

  • Tough and durable, with double-stitched seams
  • Fire retardant material around the stove jack
  • Stainless steel tools
  • It can easily be set-up by a single person
  • Spacious inside
  • Four vents allow for easy moderation of air-flow
  • High-quality mesh to keep out insects
  • Ground sheet can’t be easily zipped on and off

So Spacious Inside

The last thing you want when you go camping or glamping is to have a tent that is too small and squeezy inside. This is where the Whiteduck really shines.

It includes a central pole and a galvanized steel door frame that raises the roof so that most people can easily stand up inside.

Durable And Well-Made

If you’re going to invest in a tent because you camp a lot, it makes sense to get the best that your money can buy. The Whiteduck is made of tough and durable material that has been double-stitched at the seams to provide maximum strength.

Apart from the quality of the stitching, the Whiteduck tent is also water-proof and can easily resist a heavy downpour.

Additionally, the use of mildew-proof material means that the tent can be put into storage without fear of the materials degrading or becoming stained.

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Yurts Buyer’s Guide

Yurts are becoming increasingly popular throughout the country, thanks to their connection to a more minimalistic, nature-centered life. Families, couples, and single individuals are opting for this exciting, yet down-to-earth home.

Therefore, there are a variety of yurts available to consumers. Some people choose to buy a premade yurt, while others prefer to make their own or have more customization in their new home.

This guide will walk you through how to decide if a yurt is right for you, where to find one, and how to approach the buying process from start to finish.

Is a Yurt Right for You?

While it’s nice to imagine living in a yurt, you need to be realistic and determine if this style of a house is right for you.

People also use yurts for different needs. For example, some families have a yurt as their primary home, while others use it more as a vacation house. Others choose a yurt-style building for their business, or they have a yurt that they use to rent out to tourists and visitors.

All of these options are possibilities, but each one comes with their own design and structure limitations. Therefore, you should think about what the yurt’s going to be used for before you start browsing for a yurt to buy.

Another consideration to keep in mind is size and space limits. Even though yurts can be quite big, they tend to have an open layout.

This spacious design can be soothing, but if you are someone who likes their privacy, as well as peace and quiet, then a yurt might not be ideal. In addition, yurts are meant to blend more seamlessly into nature, which means thinner walls and ceilings.

As you can imagine, a yurt won’t do well in areas that experience extreme weather, such as sub-zero temperatures and excessive heat.

Still want a yurt? Great! Keep reading for more tips and hints.

Sort Out the Logistics

The first phase of purchasing a yurt is going to be ironing out the details of where your yurt will be located and how big it will be.

Different regions have their own set of rules and regulations when it comes to zoning codes and such, so this phase will include quite a bit of research.

Do you already have the land required for a yurt? Or, do you need to scout out a suitable location? You need to make sure that the space you choose has access to essentials such as electricity and plumbing.

It’s best to talk to a trained and knowledgeable yurt professional. They’ll be able to answer any of your questions, as well as guide you in the right direction.

They know all about the different yurt options, and they will probably be familiar with the zoning codes and regulations in your area. They might even have some recommendations as to where your future yurt should be, if it’s not going to be on your current property.

As for size, this varies by individual, since some people have a family to accommodate while others are living alone. Yurts can range from 12 feet in diameter to 30 feet or more.

You’ll definitely have options, but you need to take your budget into account, too.

You should also think about the furniture that will be going in the yurt, and you need to budget space for appliances, too. Again, an expert can set you up with model floor plans and other ideas that will make it easier to envision your new home.

Stabilizing a Yurt

When purchasing a house, you don’t usually have to think too much about the foundation besides having someone inspect its stability.

Things are a bit different with a yurt.

This type of home needs to be built on a solid platform. This circular base will be the same diameter as your home, and this ensures that your yurt stays safe from the elements.

You will also want a weatherproof material or fabric to cover the sides of the platform for added security.

Constructing the platform is the hardest part of transitioning to a yurt, so you need a trusted carpenter to ensure your own safety.

Moreover, you want to be certain that the land on which your yurt will stand can hold up to the weight of such a structure. You don’t want your new home to sag into the ground or experience warping from excess moisture and water.

Keep all of this in mind when shopping around for a yurt model, and don’t be afraid to ask any questions that might pop up for you.

Financing Your Yurt

Now comes the fun part – deciding how you’re going to pay for this new home.

Unlike conventional houses, a yurt is not always recognized as a stable, traditional home. This means that you might run into some snags while trying to apply for a home loan.

Similar to a mobile home, you may have to take out a loan for both the yurt and the land that it sits on.

For reference, many consumers opt for a personal line of credit.

Custom Yurt Features

This part really is fun. What kind of features do you want in your yurt?

Some companies offer a variety of door and window options, as well as different types of roofs.

For example, translucent vinyl makes the most of natural sunlight, while a water catchment roof includes a gutter for collecting rainwater. If your yurt is going to face heavy snowfall, then it would be a good idea to go for an engineered roof that can hold up to the extra weight.

As for the interior, you need to decide on lighting, the layout of the space, and what kind of walls you prefer. The traditional lattice walls may suit you just fine, or you might want something different. Due to the high ceilings in a yurt, some buyers opt for a loft so they can maximize the space.

Essentially, your yurt can be as luxurious or as simplistic as you want.