4 Detailed Soft Top Gazebo Reviews

Finding the best soft top gazebo for your patio, yard or grass area can be tricky, especially if you haven’t bought one before…
Soft Top
The best features of a soft-top gazebo are;

  • Waterproof
  • Easy to build
  • Very popular
  • Good value
  • Look great on any yard or patio

This gazebo review guide below will help you make the right purchase and it makes choosing easier.

Soft top gazebos can be 100% waterproof, water-resistant, showerproof and rainproof and each one of means something different.  See how confusing it can be?

The 6 Best Soft Top Gazebos for 2019


Sunjoy Regency Gazebo II 10×12

This Sunjoy Regency II gazebo is a stylish and elegant garden canopy ideal for patio and decking areas.

This 10×12 gazebo comes with mosquito netting sides that are ideal for keeping the unwanted bugs out that can be a problem in some states and help you relax better.

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Surprisingly, it’s easy to build and will take 2 people about an hour to erect but once it’s built you can enjoy countless times underneath your new pride and joy.

There are countless uses for this regency gazebo but to name a few would be to relax with friends with a beer, inflate your hot tub underneath it or move furniture inside and dine in style.

Package Includes

Should you decide to buy this product you will receive the following items.;

  • Strong powder-coated frame
  • Water & Fire Resistant 100% Polyester Canopy
  • Mosquito netting sides
  • Corner Shelves
  • Ground stakes
  • Center Hooks for fan or light to hang
  • Instruction Manual
  • Color: Brown with tan piping

You will receive everything you need to build the product in the image above.

Pro’s & Cons

Here’s my quick, personal and honest opinion of the pros and cons.

  • Very Stylish
  • Straightforward to Build (2 people)
  • Ideal for a multi-surface erection
  • Strong & Sturdy
  • Water Resistant Canopy

  • The canopy can balloon in very heavy rain


Here’s exactly what I think are the best features of this product, see what you think…

Easy to Build

This Sunjoy Regency II gazebo can be set up and ready to use in around an hour.  It is not possible to build it on your own so help is required but the instructions are very easy to understand and make setting it up very simple.

Mosquito Nets

The mosquito nets that are included are great at keeping the bugs out and if you live in a state that has a real mosquito problem then this product is ideal to help you spend afternoons or evenings outdoors bug free.

Very Sturdy

The frame is very sturdy and once built provides a safe enclosure for you and your guests to relax or party in.

The foot of the frame can be screwed into decking to add extra sturdiness and the gazebo also comes with ground stakes should you wish to erect it on a softer surface such as grass.

I would recommend you also use some rope to secure the gazebo down and add even more strength, unfortunately, there’s no rope included in the contents.

Assembly Video

Check out this video that’s been fast forward but it still shows the ease in which it is built.

Please Note:

In the event of very heavy rain it is advisable to remove the canopy beforehand to prevent it sagging should the grommets not be positioned in the right places after assembly.

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Sunjoy Summer Breeze Soft Top 10’x10′

This sturdy, steel gazebo is durable, rust and chip resistant that ranks high amongst the best 10’x10′ soft top that money can buy and here it is below.

summer soft gazebo

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This 10′ x 10′  footprint provides plenty of room to those who are looking to have cocktail parties, relaxing hot tub evenings or maybe you just enjoy dining outdoors, this soft top can provide all this. (and keep you dry)

With its separate vented roof canopy, it provides additional strength by relieving pressure on the main canopy and allows peace of mind about its strength in more torrid weather conditions.

Pros & Cons

  • Stylish & Multi-Use
  • Easy to Clean
  • Low Maintenance
  • Plenty of Room
  • Very Stable

  • Requires 2/3 People to Build


There are lots to like about the Soft Top Summer Breeze enclosure here’s what I think are the most important features and good points.

Well Made

This product is made from steel and in total there are 8 posts that hold the roof section in place and this makes this patio and yard gazebo much stronger.

The canopy and the strong frame can resist strong winds and heavy rain and this means that the longevity is vastly increased from this very durable canopy.

Good Value for Money

At the price you are receiving a good quality product that represents decent value especially as it can be expected to last a number of years.

Not only do you get a low priced soft top gazebo but you get one that can be trusted to do exactly what it’s supposed to, keep you covered, dry and protected.

Straightforward to Construct

As with many products like this, it can be a little effort constructing it and even with the manual included, you’ll find it much easier to ask a couple of friends as there are steel legs that need lifting.

It certainly isn’t difficult to build but you will require a helping hand…

Assembly Video

Need a little more help in deciding if this summer breeze Sunjoy gazebo is for you?  Then take a quick look at this video which could help answer a few questions that may not have been answered here.

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Sonoma Gazebo Canopy 10x10ft (Fabric & Steel)

This Sonoma permanently outdoor gazebo is pretty much like adding a new room to your home it is that strong and sturdy and will be an outstanding addition to your yard.

Even in the strongest of winds, it can be relied upon to provide protection and resistance even against hail storms and very heavy rain too.  See it below.

outdoor gazebo

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This heavy-duty soft gazebo will definitely need 2/3 people to build it because the parts are obviously quite heavy to lift but you would expect that with it being a robust, hardwearing and sturdy structure.

Once it is built you can expect a good few years of use out of it and by removing the canopy at the start of fall you will ensure that you get much more use from it.

By removing the canopy you’ll prevent any possible build-up of snow that could tear the material or fallen leaves rotting and reducing the waterproofing level of the applied coating.

Pros & Cons

The Sonoma Gazebo by Great Deal Furniture is definitely good value for money, especially as its heavy duty, fully waterproof and very strong.  Check out my list below.

  • Worth the Money
  • Waterproof
  • Extremely Strong
  • Heavy Duty
  • Netting & Curtains Included
  • Looks Amazing When Up

  • Contains Heavy Parts

**The heavy parts are easy to put together as long as you invite some friends around to help.


I’ve mentioned many of the best features so far above but here’s a little more detail including a few workarounds too.

Is it Waterproof?

Yes, this Sonoma soft canopy gazebo is waterproof and will protect against persistent light showers, as well as heavy rain.  However, to be fully waterproof you must ensure that you have correctly constructed the product in the first place.

You may want to hold a hose over the top once you’ve built it to test its waterproofing to ensure that you’ve constructed it properly.

Recommended: I would personally buy a waterproof spray to add further protection to the canopy as overtime, like every type of outdoor material the waterproofing will deteriorate gradually.  A regular tent material spray would be fine like Scotchgard.

Mosquitto Netting & Curtains

A great feature of this Sonoma enclosure is that it the mosquito netting and outer curtains are included in the price.

For those of you that have mosquito or bug problems in your state then these nets will be a huge help and ensure your party or event can go on long into the evening or night.

If you require extra privacy or if the temperature begins to cool then they are perfect for keeping the warmth in and drafts out.

These nets and curtains are included in the price

Easy to Build

Whilst I won’t kid you that this product is effortless to build, what I will admit to is that with a few basic tools and with an extra 2 people to help you then this product is relatively simple to build.

Yes, there are heavy parts, yes there are sections that need to be pulled together tightly but as a whole, this patio gazebo can be built in just over an hour and there is a manual to help you on the way.

Ideal as a Hot Tub Spa Cover

Personally, I don’t know the particular reason why you’re looking to buy a soft top gazebo but a very popular use for any kind of strong and waterproof gazebo is to cover an outdoor spa/hot tub, entertain friends and relatives or maybe a cocktail party.

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Abba Patio 10×10 Fully Enclosed Gazebo

This 10x10ft easy to assemble Abba Patio Soft top gazebo can be built pretty quickly and you can be relaxing and enjoying it in as little as 2/3 hours.  What are you waiting for?

With just a few modifications you will have an all-seasons gazebo or you can remove the canopy in the fall and then reapply it in the spring to protect it from a hard winter.

patio enclosed mosquito netting

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This vented soft top canopy with sides can protect you and your family from the sun’s harmful UV rays and wet and windy weather.

The double-vented top section ensures that in breezy weather there is an exit point for the wind to exit, whereas, in the summer it is perfect to act as an air vent to help keep your enclosure cool.

Like many of the soft top reviews in this guide, it arrives with bug netting and curtains to help protect against unwanted flying pests, as well as being able to keep your event warmer and enclosed.

Pros & Cons

  • Waterproof Protection
  • Bug Netting & Curtains
  • Zip Door/Curtains
  • Ideal on Hard & Soft Ground
  • Replacement Parts available

  • Water Can Sit on Roof

Occasionally, during very heavydownpours soft top gazebos can experience water pooling in the roof canopy.

This is easily solved, all you have to do is buy some bungee cords from Amazon and attach them across the canopy frame roof to help support it by adding extra support to the existing frame and prevent pooling and sagging of the roof.

Don’t let this put you off buying this soft top because this can happen to a number of gazebo brands and you will see on lots of forums where people have successfully used this tip.