Best Play Slide & Climber with Reviews

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There are more available below!

Are you looking for a slide for your children so they have somewhere to have fun and burn some energy?

Having a slide in your garden like the ones below will keep your little ones entertained for hours.

They will be worn out so you can have a peaceful, relaxing evening as they sleep.

We’ve put together what we feel are the best children’s slides available, check them out below.

Best Kids Play Slides with Reviews (Top 4)

We’ve put together what we consider to be the top 4, check our reviews out below.

Little Tikes Play Slide for Toddlers and Young Children
1. Little Tikes Slide
Childrens slide with basketball hoop and swing and hoop toss game
2. Costzon Slide & Swing
BabyJoy Folding Slide with Basketball Hoop and Net
3. BabyJoy Slide with Hoop
jupiduu wooden play slide for kids
4. Jupiduu Wood Play Slide


Little Tikes Junior Play Slide – Best Plastic Slide for Toddlers

The Little Tikes Play Slide is a small, softly contoured and colorful slide that is aimed squarely at young children.

Little Tikes Play Slide for Toddlers and Young Children

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It has excellent safety features and the best part of it is that it’s also easy to put together for parents.

This makes it the ideal Christmas or birthday present for busy parents with a young child that needs daily stimulation.

The Little Tikes Play Slide helps children to develop their fitness and stamina, but it also promotes the development of gross motor skills.

This is essential for proper development and the slide makes it an easy toy to fold up and put away every day after a child has used it to burn some energy.

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Pros and Cons

Check out the Little Tikes Play Slide positives and also where it can improve a little:

  • It’s small & lightweight
  • Very easy to put together
  • Folds up for easy storage
  • Promotes the development of gross motor skills
  • The wide base makes it stable
  • The rounded design makes it safe
  • The slide is quite steep


Safety Aspects

One of the best features of the Little Tikes Play Slide is its rounded corners and design.  This makes it ideal for toddlers who don’t have any fear and simply dive right into any activity.

Additionally, the wide steps and wide base make it stable on many kinds of surfaces, although it’s recommended to always place it on a soft surface for maximum child safety.

Easy to Put Together and Store

Children’s toys should ideally be easy to put together for parents, and the Little Tikes Play Slide certainly is. With only two main parts, it takes only moments to set it up so that it is ready for any youngster to play on. 

The other benefit is that this product is very easy to take apart and put into storage.

It can easily go into a toy cupboard so that it can be stored away ready for whenever it’s required next. Being lightweight also means that carrying it around and setting it up is very convenient.

It is so light that it can even be placed in a car for transport.

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Costzon | Best Climber for Baby & Toddlers

Childrens slide with basketball hoop and swing and hoop toss game

Everything your toddler needs in one!

When the playground is just too big for a little one, this 4-in-1 climber is ideal.

It features a swing, ring toss game, basketball hoop, and slide. These games make for a stimulating foursome that appeals to a wide range of children at different developmental levels.

The multiple attractive colors make this play-set a stimulating environment for young ones. Even babies can be put into the safe swing seat by a parent and rocked slowly back and forth, giving them some real fun and stimulation.

Unlike some children’s equipment, the slide features a gentle slope which makes it ideal for little ones and means that they will have a smoother landing. Furthermore, the arc design and wide base makes it stable on any appropriate surface.

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Pros and Cons

  • Colorful and stimulating design
  • 4 built-in activities
  • Safety swing seat
  • A non-slip design on the steps
  • Stimulates intellectual development
  • Instructions could be better


Highly Interactive Design

One of the best features of the Costzon Toddler Climber is that it appeals to little ones as well as children who are a little older. The basketball ring and the ring toss game will appeal to children who have a little more coordination and dexterity and will keep them occupied.

Likewise, the swing set and the slide are ideal for older children, but can also be used by toddlers who are developing their gross motor skills.

Safe and Stable Design

The steps leading to the slide are wide and roughly textured. This means that there is good grip and easy access to the slide for little legs. The slide itself also features a gentler slope than other brands, making the landing softer and less abrupt for the child.

The arc design of the swing is strong and able to support the weight of virtually any child. This design also makes it stable when it is being used on a daily basis. Additionally, the rounded edges make the overall design safe and secure even for young children to use.

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BABY JOY Folding Slide with Basketball Hoop

The Baby Joy slide is the ideal play equipment for toddlers and other youngsters who are developing their coordination and gross motor skills.

BabyJoy Folding Slide with Basketball Hoop and Net

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Featuring a slide in bright colors as well as an attached basketball hoop on the side, the Baby Joy folding slide is an excellent investment.

The slide is made from safe materials that are completely non-toxic and are rounded off on the edges so they won’t injure or hurt any youngsters.

The slide itself has been designed so that any child sliding down it will slide right down the middle.

This not only provides a better slide experience but also improves safety.

In other good news for parents, the Baby Joy is foldable and easy to store.

Its lightweight materials and design also mean that it can easily be transported in a car or other vehicle.

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Pros and Cons

  • Spacious slide, suitable for large children
  • Armrests make it safer than others
  • Bright colors to stimulate childrens senses
  • Non-toxic materials that are tough and durable
  • Stability and safety are a priority
  • Use a pillow to soften the landing.


Safe and Durable

The biggest feature of any children’s toy should be that it’s safe to use and durable. The Baby Joy is made from non-toxic materials so that any parent will have confidence that their child is safe.

Additionally, the slide itself is nice and wide, which means that it’s easy for any child to use and will promote a greater frequency of center sliding. This ensures better stability and means that the child will get more out of the sliding activity.

Easy to Store and Clean

All parents will love the fact that the Baby Joy is foldable and very easy to store in a toy cupboard or even under a bed. Furthermore, the material it’s made of is very smooth and this makes it easy to wipe down and clean. 

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Jupiduu Play Slide – Best Wooden Slide for Kids

jupiduu wooden play slide for kids

This is one of the best quality slides

The Germans have always been fantastic at making things that are practical and visually attractive, and this slide is no exception.

Made from durable wood, the Jupiduu slide is quite different from anything else on the market. The streamlined shape will look right at home in any house.

This slide is unlike others in that it has been specifically designed to fit in with indoor décor. It has a top-quality design that boasts a Royal connection.

Such is the quality and design of the Jupiduu slide that it has been reported that Prince George has one of his own!

The steps leading to the slide are easy for any child to use and are also easy to put together. This is good news for parents who are struggling to wrap gifts on Christmas eve against the clock.

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Pros and Cons

  • A unique and simple design
  • Soft pastel colors
  • Made of durable materials that will last
  • Fast delivery and great packing
  • Unlike any competing products
  • Tricky to put together


Unique Design

So many children’s play equipment looks the same, but this is not really a look for everyone. The Jupiduu takes design one step further and keeps things simple and incredibly practical. Being made of wood, the slide is durable.

Because it is also available in a range of pastel colors, it also tends to be a better fit for homes where the owners want something that will not look out of place.

Many people enjoy adding things to their home that are of a unique design, and the Jupiduu slide has a fine German pedigree.

The fact that it even has a Royal adherent makes it stand out in the crowd of children’s play equipment that all tends to look and function in the same way.

Safe for Children to Use

The Jupiduu slide isn’t all about design, however. It also features child-friendly steps leading to the slide, which makes it safe and secure. The slide itself also features a gentler angle than some competing products and many parents like the fact that this leads to a better experience for their children.