5 Best Places to Pitch a Yurt & Are Yurts Portable?

yurt near mountains

Imagine waking up to a view similar to this…

Yurts aren’t just for the Steppes of Russia and the plains of Mongolia anymore.

They are a fantastically spacious alternative to traditional tents, and more and more campers are catching on.

Travel around the world, and you’ll be able to find all manner of great places to pitch a yurt.

They’ve begun to pop up in campsites throughout the UK and Ireland.

Citizens of Canada can choose from a wide range of national parks in which to pitch their yurt, from fabulous riverbanks of Fundy National Park in New Brunswick to the mountainous reaches of Waterton Lakes National Park in Alberta.

But what about here in America?

“From Sea to Shining Sea,” we’re lucky enough to boast some of the most beautiful natural landscapes in the Americas and, indeed, the world, with many of our national parks being camper friendly, yurts and all.

Transporting a Yurt is relatively easy and can be transported either in the trunk, placed in a SUV or stored on top of your vehicle in a rooftop box, see this roof box guides site for further help.

So, What are the 5 Best Places to Pitch a Yurt?

Here, then, are the best US national parks to pitch your tent and enjoy the boundless natural beauty of “America the Beautiful.”

Yellowstone National Park

yellowstone national park

You can see why this is a top spot for camping…. stunning.

While yurts are a new craze among campers across America, Yellowstone as a camping institution is as old as it gets.

The first US national park, it covers parts of three states, features everything from towering mountains and waterfalls to the famed Old Faithful geyser, and in recent years has started to offer places to pitch yurts.

You’ll want to check out Yellowstone’s official maps and yurt rental services to see which spots are available and how much they cost.

Some of these rental yurts can be quite modern, offering everything from heating to flat-screen TVs.

If you are looking for a more rugged camping experience and wish to pitch your own yurt, you’ll want to check the approved campsites and do so in a place which is cleared for tents.

Among the campgrounds offered are:

  • Mammoth, which is the only campsite at Yellowstone which is open all year-round
  • Norris, located near a collection of geysers
  • Pebble Creek, an inexpensive and isolated area
  • Lewis Creek, which offers lovely campgrounds near lakes with great places to fish
  • Grant Village, which is one of the most popular campgrounds and allows group reservations
  • Yosemite National Park

Few national parks in California, the United States and, indeed, around the world can rival the massive popularity or natural beauty of Yosemite.

It’s so popular, in fact, that the park has a lottery system for processing the massive amount of demand it receives, so if you want to camp there, submit your name early and hope to strike it lucky.

If the odds are in your favor and you score a chance to camp here, you’ll be able to choose from a wide range of different rental yurts, some of which can be rented on sites such as Airbnb.

yellowstone park wildlife

Yellowstone is full of wild animals, so always keep your distance and be wary of your surroundings.

On the other hand, if you’re looking to pitch a yurt yourself, you’ll want to seek out some of the park’s most popular campgrounds, including:

  • North Pines Campground, which is one of the quieter and more secluded camping options, with only 81 sites, offering magnificent views of the forest and riverside areas along with easy access to popular hiking trails
  • Upper Pines Campground, which at 238 sites is one of the bigger camping areas in the park, situated right in the middle of forested areas with sites close together, being more public and less private than North Pines
    Camp 4, a popular site among climbers which is situated right near Yosemite Falls and is so legendary that it is listed in the National Register of Historic Places
  • Half Dome Village, which commonly features large tent encampments, meaning you’ll be right at home with your yurt, all while being able to enjoy nature

The other parks on this list are bastions of greenery.

Joshua Tree National Park – is different, situated in the American Southwest, straddling the Mojave Desert and the Colorado Desert.

If you are happy with hotter temperatures and find deserts appealing, this can be a great park to visit and pitch a yurt.

Shenandoah National Park

Anyone who’s a fan of John Denver’s “Country Roads” is sure to feel at home pitching their yurt in this stretch of Shenandoah perfection.

As Denver promises, “life is old there,” with the Blue Ridge Mountains among the oldest sites in West Virginia, with rocks there dated to over a billion years old.

Crater Lake National Park

Oregon’s parks are among the most yurt-friendly in the country. The state, as well as national parks,  offer yurt rentals, as well as yurt-friendly campsites.

Crater Lake National Park is situated around Crater Lake, which is a lake-filled crater on the site of a former volcano.

There are many great places here to pitch a yurt and take in everything from the unique geological and geographical outline of the park to the deep clear blue lakes.

These national parks and so many more offer great places to pitch a yurt and take in the full grandeur of the Great Outdoors.

crater lake, oregon

Creater Lake, Oregon