Outdoor Dog Houses | Small, Medium & Large

Ensuring your dog is well protected and sheltered whilst sleeping or resting in its outdoor doghouse is paramount.

Cute Dog

Cute Dog

We all care deeply for our canine friends and as they say, a dog is a man’s best friend (and woman).

So, if you’re looking for the best outdoor dog house then you’re going to be looking for a dog house that can keep your dog; warm, dry and safe.

We have hopefully found an enclosure for your dog to rest in below and within your budget, so check out reviews.

Large, small and medium-sized dogs are all catered for, so if you’re in a rush then use the table below to make a selection and view in more detail on Amazon.

6 Best Outdoor Dog Houses for Small to Large Dogs

Brand Product View Sizes Easy to Clean? Durable Score

See on Amazon 4 Yes Yes ★★★★★

medium sized dog house for border collies or golden retrievers See on Amazon 3 Fairly Yes ★★★★★
Etna See on Amazon 1 Yes Yes ★★★★
Petsfit See on Amazon 1 Yes No ★★★★★
Confidence See on Amazon 3 Yes Yes ★★★★★

PETSFIT Review | Best Dog House for Medium Dogs

Medium sized dog house for border collies or golden retrievers

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Do you own a medium sized dog and looking for a suitable dog house, then take a look at this dog home that’s available on Amazon?

As you can see in the image the roof section can be lifted up and held in position so your dog can view out the top.

If your dog is anything like mine then it’ll sit there looking over the top of its kennel all day, don’t ask me why he just does and loves it.

If you plan on keeping this item is outdoors then the feet are a great addition to this product as it raises the house off the floor.

This means that the dog house is not in contact with the floor and therefore, during wintertime, it will help keep the house that little bit warmer and help it last longer.

This product is the medium version, however, there are 3 more sizes which include; extra small, small and large.

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Precision Pet Review | Weather Resistant Log Cabin Dog House

Precision Pet Weatherproof Log Cabin Dog House for Small, Medium or Large Dogs

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Are you looking for a log cabin for your dog?  Then this great looking cabin could be just the one, especially as it is available in 3 different sizes.

Whether you decide to buy the small, medium or large, one of the great features is the tall doorway.

This is ideal and should you own a large dog then it ensures that there is plenty of room for your dog to enter and exit the house without banging its head or having to crouch too low.

This doghouse can comfortably fit larger dogs around the 60-70lbs and bigger range such as; German shepherds, Boxer dogs and larger retrievers.

Take a look at the sizes, features and pros and cons below.

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Etna Review | Waterproof Portable Dog House for Small Dogs

Etna Portable Dgo House

Click Image to view on Amazon

This lightweight portable dog house is ideal for those who want to be able to easily change the location of their pet home on their yard or maybe want something they can take on vacation with them.

The frame is made of metal and the floor and back is a breathable mesh which means it can easily be used both indoors and outdoors.

The house is water-resistant and is best at withstanding light rainfall rather than be subjected to prolonged heavy downpours.

The material is also strong enough and can be easily cleaned by hand with a cloth and soapy water.

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Petsfit | Pop up Wooden Dog House (Little to No Assembly)

Easy to Build Fold Out Wooden Pop up Dog House

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Are you looking for a wooden ‘no assembly’ or ‘quick building’ dog house that is able to be ready in less than 30 seconds?

Then maybe you’ve found your perfect match in this easy, folding dog home.

It is ideally suited to 2 small dogs or a medium-sized dog in the 30lbs range and has room for soft furnishings to place on the flooring that your pooch can lie on.

If you are planning on using this house outdoors then ideally it needs to be under a canopy of some type as the wood is not treated and not fully waterproof either.

It’s best to use this product in pleasant weather conditions or to use as a temporary or portable home for your dog whilst on vacation

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Confidence Review | Extra Large Waterproof Plastic Dog House

Confidence Waterproof Plastic Dog House

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Generally, I really like the plastic doghouses that are available on the market.

Firstly, I just think that they look very smart and the one in the image is no different (Extra large model).

Admittedly, the house is quite thin so therefore, it’s not really recommended for all seasons outdoor use.

However, for spring to fall, you’ll have a nice home for your dog and should you decide to keep it outdoors during these seasons, then you can simply throw a cover over the top to add a little more insulation and warmth to your dog or dogs.

It’s simple to put together and by yourself, for the first time, it should take about 20-25 minutes.

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