Best Hardtop Gazebos Available to Buy (10×10′ & 10×12′)

Hardtop Gazebo

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If you are looking for a brand new yard or patio gazebo then buying a hardtop gazebo could be just the solution.

They are ideal if you wish to entertain friends, eat outdoors, to relax by yourself or maybe you have an outdoor spa you need to cover.

Our hardtop gazebo reviews have detailed all the pros and cons of each product, as well as answering lots of the important questions that you cannot find the answers for.

We’ve reviewed what we believe to be the best 10×10′ and 10×12′ hardtops, so take a look at our top picks below.

Hardtop gazebos are one of our favorite types of outdoor shelter as the canopy and frame is much stronger.  Therefore, it will protect you against heavy rainfall and won’t leak or sag in bad weather.

Top Rated 10×10′ Hardtop Gazebos (Quick View)

Take a look at what we believe to be the best hardtop gazebos for 2019.  Just click on an image below to view your favorite on Amazon or scroll further down to see our reviews and even more models to choose from.

Master Canopy 10x10ft Hardtop Gazebo
1. MasterCanopy Polycarbonate Gazebo
2. Christopher Knight Bali Hardtop Gazebo
Better Homes and Gardens Sullivan Ridge Hard Top Gazebo with Netting, 8' x 8'
3. Better Homes & Garden Gazebo (8x8ft) 
Yardistry 10x10 Wooden Hardtop Gazebo
4. Yardistry Wooden Hardtop Gazebo


Choose a Size or Brand From Below

You’ve seen our top 4 (10x10ft) gazebos above, now take a look at the reviews or scroll further down to see the bigger hardtops available to buy (10x12ft).

Master Canopy 10x10ft Hardtop Gazebo with Polycarbonate Roof

Master Canopy 10x10ft Gazebo

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This Master Canopy hardtop is a very solid structure and is perfect for entertaining friends in your yard between the spring and fall (as well as impressing them).

The polycarbonate roof section ensures that this is an all-seasons gazebo as it can withstand snow and heavy rain whilst during this summer it is perfect at allowing cool air for ventilation.

The top section also allows natural light to enter through the panels whilst protecting you and your family from those harmful UV rays.

As you can see in the image, the mosquito nets can be tied back when not required.

There is also room for a hanging light from the top section as there are struts that you can attach the light too easily enough.

Pros and Cons

  • High Quality
  • Sturdy Structure
  • Velcro Ties
  • Mosquito Netting
  • Curtains
  • Screw Down Legs
  • Corrugated Polycarbonate Sheets

  • Expensive but Very HIGH quality


Rustproof Frame

The sturdy aluminum frame is also rustproof so it will last for many years and is not as vulnerable to weathering as others models so this is a great value for money canopy.

Mosquito Netting

Without a doubt this is one of the best features with this gazebo, you get mosquito netting free of charge. This is ideal if you live in a warmer part of the US, Floridians know how annoying insects can be during the hot summer months.

Velcro Straps

Velcro allows you to easily tie back the sides of the gazebo to allow you to control the climate better under the canopy, plus with it being velcro this can be altered within seconds.

Leg Screw Plates

The legs have holes so you are able to screw them down securely, giving it that extra stability in high winds.

Corrugated Polycarbonate Sheets

All-weather sheets that protect you from harmful UV rays are ideal for protecting guests on those bright days, the design is made in a unique way so that soft light is able to filter through.


While this is not the exact model, it is very similar and gives you an idea of what to expect when putting it together:

Christopher Knight Bali Rustproof Hardtop Gazebo 10x10ft

Christopher Knight Hardtop Gazebo

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Many concerns about hardtop gazebos are whether you can leave them outdoors during the winter and my opinion is always that you do so but completely at your own risk.

This particular Christopher Knight hardtop is extremely strong and although it’s designed primarily for spring to fall usage, you should be ok to leave it outdoors by brushing the snow from the roof to avoid long periods of heavy downward pressure.

Patio furniture, heaters, hanging lights can be bought to make your relaxation pace much more comfortable and homely.

Whilst those of you that are much more practical could attempt to make temporary solid walls, just a thought for you…

Pros and Cons

  • Rust Proof Frame
  • Water Resistant Fabrics
  • Snow Slides Off
  • Stable Frame

  • Could do with netting


Water Resistant Curtains

The curtains give you protection from passing light showers so it’s an awesome feature to have to save your guests from getting wet but don’t expect much in a heavy downpour.

Anchor Points

There are 3 anchor points at the base of each leg, giving you the option to bolt it down to some concrete or another surface that you see fit.

Rust Proof

The aluminum frame gives it protection from rust so it will survive the winter and many winters to come.

Steep Roof

Atop the gazebo is a roof that allows snow to easily fall off without causing a big build-up, this is a great feature as it takes away unnecessary stress on the frame when there’s snowfall through winter.

Better Homes & Garden 8×8 Hardtop Gazebo with Bug Nets

Better Homes and Gardens Sullivan Ridge Hard Top Gazebo with Netting, 8' x 8'This robust 8×8 hardtop by Better Homes & Garden is ideal for smaller yards that do not have quite as much spare room for this type of outdoor shelter as others might. Better Homes and Gardens Sullivan Ridge Hard Top Gazebo with Netting, 8' x 8'

It’s a very elegant yard gazebo that with the help of 2/3 friends you can easily have it built in no time at all.

As you can see in the picture it can sit in the middle of your patio and although this measures 8×8 it still has plenty of room to shelter a small patio table with a minimum of 2 chairs.

Pros and Cons

  • Heavy Duty and Very Sturdy
  • Mesh netting keeps the bugs out
  • Easy to build but help needed to lift
  • Can be fixed into a hard surface
  • Ideal for patio and yard use

  • You will need help to build it


Take a look at what we liked about the 8×8 garden and homes hardtop.

Size (8x8ft)

This is certainly one of the smaller hardtops (8x8ft) available on the market and for those of you with small yards, it’s ideal especially if you want drinks or food outdoors.

It can be left outdoors all year round and it’s wise to use the stakes to secure it into the hard ground for the winter.

Netting for bugs

Whilst enjoying the outdoors during the hot summer months you can often encounter problems with bugs being attracted by the smell of your food or the sweetness of your drinks.

However, with the addition of the netting, this can easily be solved by drawing the curtains to stop them from entering and as the evening approaches it will also prevent mosquitos and moths too.

Ideal to shelter your hot tub spa

Are you looking for a canopy to shelter your hot tub?  Then, as long as your hot tub is small enough to fit under this hardtop gazebo then it is certainly one of the best hot tub covers for the price.

Hanging section

Just below the highest point of the roof section, there is a metal hoop where you can hang a light, fan or plant to add extra practicality or decoration to your stylish gazebo.

Powder-coated frame

It’s not quite standard with all hardtops but like a lot of them, this 8×8 by better homes and gardens comes with a frame that is powder-coated.

This ensures that the frame will last longer and help it withstand harsh weather conditions by adding extra strength, durability by preventing rust.

Yardistry 10x10ft Wooden Hardtop Gazebo with Aluminum Roof

Yardistry 10x10 Wooden Hardtop Gazebo

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This 100% premium cedar wood gazebo is pre-stained and pre-drilled which ensures that not only is it built to last but it is also relatively straightforward to assemble.

Understandably, as it is a wooden structure, it will be heavy but you’d expect that from a  strong and sturdy product like this, therefore, it’ll be worth asking a couple of friends just to lend a hand.

If you buy this product during early spring or mid-summer then it is recommended that you apply a ‘water sealant’ to help preserve the wood to stop the wood from ‘weathering’ as it approaches its first winter.

Try this product > Thompson Water Sealant and apply once every year.

Pros and Cons

  • Sturdy 100% Cedar Wood Frame
  • Professional Finish
  • Environmentally Friendly Wood Stains
  • Post Mounts
  • Pre-drilled Timber
  • Naturally Resists Decay

  • No Netting
  • Takes quite a while to assemble


100% Cedar Wood

By using a natural wood it gives the product a really authentic look, it looks awesome in any garden. The wood is strong and stable and as it’s cedar, it naturally resists decay (this wood is known to be termite resistant).

High Peak

In the middle, you’ll find there’s plenty of headroom as it reaches a massive 10′ 6″ and 6ft 9″ at the sides so there’s space for even the tallest of people.

Pre-finished Wood

The wood is pre-treated at the factory so you will have some protection from the elements but it is recommended that you apply a further weathering coat 3 months after you’ve set it up and then yearly from then on.

Strong Roof

Pressure tested and proven to withstand weights of 36lb per square foot so it will take heavy snowfall to bring this gazebo down but you should ensure that you clear the roof when there is any snow build up.

Top Rated 10×12′ Hardtop Gazebos (Quick View)

We’ve put together a list of what we consider to be the best 10×12 hardtop gazebos and all with helpful reviews.

1. Suncrown Beige Patio Gazebo
2. Sunjoy Chatham Steel Gazebo
3. Sunjoy 12×10 Hardtop Gazebo
4. Superday Hardtop with Netting

Check out these hardtop reviews and see if one of these 10x12ft gazebos matches up to what you require from an outdoor shelter.

Is it the price, the features or the brand that you value the most?  Then read further…

Suncrown Outdoor Hardtop Gazebo with Mosquito Netting

Suncrown Hardtop Gazebo for Outdoors with Mosquito Nets

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This aluminum hardtop gazebo is a very nice looking outdoor shelter that can bring lots of joy to those summer celebrations in your yard.

The mosquito netting protects you and your guests from pesky bug bites and with that in mind, purchasing a set of hanging lights will mean you can then enjoy your evenings under your canopy till the early hours.

The strength of the aluminum frame means that it can withstand breezy conditions, the hot sun and heavy rain whilst you continue with your event,  guests or family totally unaffected by it.

This hardtop is pretty straightforward to build but I would strongly recommend asking 2/3 friends to lend a hand as it is quite heavy, especially for 1/2 people.

Pros and Cons

  • Mosquito Netting
  • Air Vents
  • Strong Anchoring Stands
  • Aluminum Frame
  • Easy to Assemble
  • Sturdy

  • No Privacy Curtains


Weather Resistance

The aluminum frame protects your product from rusting and is minimally affected by the sun. It will also provide you with protection from the elements as it’s waterproof, sturdy and well built.

Mosquito Netting

One of the worst parts of having a gazebo outdoors is the insects that begin to appear on the warmer days, terrorizing your guests. However, this product comes with netting that covers all 4 sides so your guests will have sufficient protection throughout your event.

Strong Canopy & Frame

As it’s built from aluminum and the canopy from PVC you can expect it to last for years to come but there’s also the added bonus of it being powder coated which gives it the extra protection to survive for much longer by protecting it from weathering.

Anchoring Stands

Each leg is fitted with an anchoring plate, this helps increase the stability of the gazebo and keeps it held down in higher winds. You simply need to screw it down onto a supporting surface, people tend to do it on concrete.


Leg Height: 6.65 ft

Peak Height: 8.85 ft

Width9.85 ft x 12 ft

Sunjoy Two-Tier Hardtop 10x12ft Patio Gazebo

Sunjoy Two-Tier Hardtop Patio Gazebo 10x12ft

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Sunjoy is a very reputable brand when it comes to hardtop gazebos and this particular outdoor shelter is no different.

Although it doesn’t arrive with mosquito nets or curtains, these can be bought separately if required but on the positive side, it makes buying this hardtop more affordable.

The two-tier roof section creates better air circulation and unknown to some buyers, it actually provides more stability in windy conditions as it gives somewhere for the wind to exit.

This product can withstand up to 600lbs of snow but please clear it from the roof whenever it settles just to be on the safe side and help longevity.

Pros and Cons

  • 2 Tiered Canopy
  • Modern Design
  • Chandelier Hook
  • Stable and Tough Canopy
  • Durable
  • Elegant/Sleek Look
  • Powder Coated

  • None to report


Two Tier Canopy

The larger canopy is made from steel and the smaller, 2nd tier is made from polycarbonate. Both are very durable materials and will provide you with shade and protection from harmful UV rays.

Dual tiered canopies are ideal as they help to regulate the temperature under the canopy, they are also ideal if you plan on placing a grill under it as it allows the smoke to escape through the roof.

Two-tier canopies are much more stable when the wind speed picks up.

Powder Coating

The steel canopy and aluminum frames are powder coated to give it rust resistance and to provide extra protection from weathering, the powder-coated finish also looks very professional making it a very aesthetically appealing gazebo.

Hook for Chandelier

At the crown of the underside of the roof, you will find a hook for you to hang your plants or chandelier from. This is a feature that you don’t come across often with gazebos but it certainly allows you to create a really cozy atmosphere under your canopy especially on those warm summer evenings.

12 Month Warranty

If you encounter any problems with the gazebo during the first year then the manufacturer will be happy to resolve your issues or offer you a replacement if it’s beyond repair (assuming you haven’t damaged it yourself).


Actual Footprint: 10′ 2.5″ x 12′ 2.5″

Product Weight: 357 Pounds

Shipping Weight: 504 Pounds

Frame Material: Aluminum

Large Canopy Material: Steel

Small Canopy Material: Polycarbonate

Paint Application: Powder Coated

Sunjoy Wyndham Galvanized Steel Heavy Duty Hardtop

Sunjoy Wyndham Galvanized Steel Heavy Duty Hardtop

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This very strong and compact hardtop by Sunjoy really looks the part and is ideal if you’re looking to add a real touch of class to your yard or open space.

The very solid, heavy-duty roof ensures that you are protected against bad weather and the overhang of the roof from the supporting frame ensures that you are protected from the rain as it drips down as well.

There is a hanging hook in the center part of the roof where you can hang lights, fans, lantern or decorations such as a hanging basket.

The roof section and supporting framework are all powder coated to prevent rusting and for a more sturdy and permanent outdoor relaxation shelter, it can also be anchored to concrete, patio, and decks.

Mosquito netting is provided with this product to protect you from mosquitos and other bugs.

Superday Permanent Outdoor Gazebo with Mosquito Netting

Superday Permanent Outdoor Garden Gazebo with Mosquito Netting

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This Superday hardtop is great for outdoor entertaining and relaxation.

The polycarbonate roof panels protect you from UV rays and the strength will also withstand very heavy rain and snowfall.

The curtains can provide extra privacy to events that require a little more alone time, whilst they are also ideal at keeping bugs out and allowing you to relax rather than squatting those pesky flying bugs.

The curtains are attached via runners just underneath the canopy and can be tied back when not in use to the supporting beams.

Regular outdoor patio furniture can be bought for this product as it will be sheltered from any wet weather or alternatively, you can use or buy a spa to relax in.

Oxygenz 12’x10′ Outdoor Patio Shelter with Nets & Curtains

Oxygenz 12'x10' Outdoor Patio Shelter with Mesh Netting & Curtains

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This outdoor Oxygenz patio shelter is one of the lighter hardtops weighing just 55lbs.  This makes it easier to build and move around but will hinder its ability to withstand winter.

Therefore, I recommend this product as a spring to fall shelter.

This product has footplates which means it can be drilled into concrete, patios or decking to add much more stability to this stylish shelter.

The meshing is ideal for bug protection and the fact that the curtains are separate means that you can just use bug nets during the day and let natural light in.

You can draw the curtains when it begins to get dark and then that’s when it’s very handy to buy either a hanging light or a standalone light to ensure the fun continues late into the night.

Pataku Aluminum Hard Top Gazebo Canopy 12×10

Pataku Aluminum Hard Top Gazebo Canopy 12x10

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Measuring 6.6ft at the top of the sidewall ensures that the majority of people can walk freely into this canopy gazebo without bending.

Once you’re inside, the peak of the gazebo measures  8.8ft which means that there’s lots of headroom (unless you have freakishly tall friends).

There isn’t a vent at the top of this shelter which could cause ventilation problems when the mesh netting is fully closed but the mesh nets are breathable so do allow limited airflow.

The full closure of the polycarbonate panels ensures that you are kept 100% dry and they will also provide UV protection.

Kozyard Alexander 10×12 Hardtop with 2 Layer Sidewalls

Kozyard Alexander 10x12 Hardtop with 2 Layer Sidewalls

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This really robust and extremely popular hardtop is ideal for regular use and in all seasons.

The double-track system means you can use the mesh nets or the curtains separately or at the same time, whilst the curtains are also heavy-duty at 180gsm (grams per square meter).

The heavy-duty nature of this hardtop means that the roof has a snow load capacity of 2000kg, whilst the gazebo itself has a wind standing rate of 35mph.

The feet can be screwed into the ground to make this product much more sturdy and this will only add even more strength to what is already an extremely robust shelter.

If you’re looking to have it installed for you then check out the ‘Amazon assembly’ option or just invite a few friends round to help.

Kozyard Rosana 10x12ft Hardtop Gazebo with Rustproof Frame

Kozyard Rosana 10x12ft Hardtop Gazebo (Rustproof Frame)

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Similarly to the Alexander gazebo above this outdoor relaxation zone can withstand 2000kgs of snow load and 35 mph winds which equally as much make it a robust and hardy shelter.

The steel frame and galvanized roof sections are rustproof as they’re both powder coated which provides much more durability and longevity to the main parts than other gazebos.

There are hooks just underneath the top of the roof section which makes ideal hanging area for lights, fans or even a hanging basket.

The total hanging weight possible is 15lbs which is more than adequate for most hanging lights or fans.

Sunjoy Chatham Steel Hardtop Gazebo with Polycarbonate Roof

Sunjoy Chatham Steel Hardtop Gazebo

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Another extremely strong hardtop gazebo from Sunjoy that is very sturdy but can also be bolted down to deck, concrete, patios or anchored into grass areas.

The 4 support beams have L brackets which make attaching to a solid surface much easier and give a huge amount of additional strength and support at times of bad weather.

The sheer weight of the gazebo (412lbs) adds a huge amount of stability by itself though, even without anchoring it down with additional means.

You will need help constructing this gazebo because, as mentioned before, it is a very solid, heavy piece of equipment.