The Best Arbour Seats for Relaxing in Your Garden

  • By: Brian Comstock
  • Date: October 22, 2021
  • Time to read: 10 min.

Garden arbours can be made from different materials and can come in all shapes and sizes, but their general function is to create a perfect cosy seating area for your outdoor area.

They’re stylish and can offer the perfect focal point in the centre of your garden or provide a retreat in the nook of a quiet and cosy area.

You can drape it with trellises and your favourite flowers, creating an ambience of romance, or just keep it simple for a more casual style.

Our Best Garden Arbour Choices

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Pure Origins Arbour Seat

If you want garden seating that can be engulfed in your outside area, then do consider the Pure Origins Garden Arbour.

What really sets off the beauty in this stunning piece of garden furniture is the lattice sides that are attached to the back as well as the sides.

With the ability to have climbing plants trail around the arbour, you can almost lose yourself in mother nature, even in the centre of your garden!

The arbour itself comes with a solid roof, providing plenty of shelter for two from all the elements.

It is all FSC certified and pressure treated to create longevity. Under the seat of the arbour, you will find a handy storage box.

As this impressive seating commodity already comes pretreated, but in its natural form, you have the choice of leaving it as it is or decor to your taste.


  • Ready to paint or stain
  • Lattice sides for trailing plants
  • Storage box under seat
  • Roof for shelter
  • Pressure-treated timber
  • Durable against harsh weather
  • Idealrelaxation area


  • You may need help to assemble


Lattice sides

This quaint arbour could really create your fairytale seating area, secluding you in your own little nook.  Put climbing plants on the lattice sides provided and find yourself lost in a romantic setting.

This stunning seating could provide a beautiful focal point in any garden or create an area to pop your feet up and drift away with a good book.

Solid roof

As the arbour comes with a full solid roof, you do not need to worry about the rain or shine. The roof provides a robust shelter to the solid 200cm x 156cm x 67cm frame. Creating a comfortable shelter for two people.

Durable Wood

Being FSC certified and pressure-treated means that the timber is treated by forcing preservatives into the wood rather than coating it. It also means it meets the green timber requirements.

This gives the wood more durability and makes it long-lasting, protecting it against the elements.

Storage box

The arbour comes with a storage box that sits under the seat.

It is a handy add on to have as it means you can store all your belongings that you bring to the seating area without them being scattered on the floor or taking up room!

Ready to leave or paint

As the arbour comes pretreated and in its natural form, you can choose whether to decorate or not. Either way, it would still add a stunning feature to any garden.


Outsunny Double Arbour Seat

If you are looking for a fresh and striking seating area for your garden, then this stylish garden arbour may just be the right one for you.

Bright and bold, this white arbour with its black roof and lattice sides would certainly be a focal point for your garden.

To brighten it up even further you could use the side lattices for blue climbing plants to add a nice Santorini feel, or hot pink for a taste of Portugal – bringing a little holiday into your garden!

This Outsunny garden arbour comes with a handy storage box under the seating and a solid roof to offer shelter from the elements.

With dimensions of 141L x 76Wx225H cm, there is ample room for two people in this cosy garden arbour- an ideal place to kick back and relax after a hard day at work with your favourite beverage.


  • Already painted
  • Solid roof
  • Storage space
  • Lattice sides


  • No wood treatment specifications


Lattice sides

This garden arbour comes with lattice sides, providing plenty of ventilation and the opportunity to grow your own climbing plants.

With its bright white frame, placing any bright-coloured flowers along the sides would really create an eye-catching feature offering a postcard-perfect focal point in your garden.

Solid roof

The arbour has been made out of fir wood and the roof has been designed to offer total shelter from rain or shine.

So, whatever time of year,  you can relax knowing you are protected and that your garden arbour can withstand anything the elements throw its way.

Plenty of Storage space

The Outsunny garden arbour comes with a storage box underneath the seating, proving a useful place for cushions and various décors.

Because the storage is under the seat, you can get what you need without leaving the area. No scattering on the garden or taking up room on the seat!

Comes ready painted

This Outdoor Sunny Garden Arbour already comes in a bright crisp white, so there is no need to paint if you do not wish to do so and due to the black roof, the simple colouring offers a more modern and stylish appeal.


Zest4Leisure Cheltenham Arbour Seat

This lovely garden commodity would give your outside area a cute and fun feel.  Quaint, but ample enough to seat two people, the Cheltenham Arbour is made from FSC certified and pressure treated Timber.

The slatted pointed roof gives the arbour a nice striking feature, almost with the look of a Teepee!

Under the seat, hosts a storage box where you can put all your essential belongs and relax comfortably in your arbour.

This simple but quaint furniture is self-assembled but once erected and secure as you seen fit, can be left without any further attention.

Unless you want to paint to your taste, in which case it would be simple as the preparation work has already been done!

This cute arbour would be great with bunting to match its’s fun and quaint style.


  • FSC certified and pressure treated
  • Attractive style
  • Storage area


  • Looks better when stained


Quirky design

This arbour gives a feeling of fun with a roof that points a little like a Teepee.  The slatted roofs are an attractive feature too, with a small section of lattice at the top, offering plenty of ventilation.

Cute, quaint and cosy, this arbour is an idyllic chillout area to enjoy your garden whilst your kids are playing.

FSC certified and pressure treated

This Garden Arbour is FSC Certified Pressure Treated Wood which means that it meets green building requirements and that it is treated by forcing preservatives into the wood.

This then gives the commodity extra protection against the elements and requires no further preparation by the consumer.

So, regardless of the elements, you can be assured that this garden harbour can withstand harsh weather conditions

Storage area

Below the seating area is a storage box which means that any essential items can be stored away safely rather than being scattered across your garden or taking up room on the seat.

A great way of storing your arbours soft furnishings.

Ready to use or paint

As the Zest4leisure Cheltenham Arbour already comes treated, and its natural form, there is no need to paint, unless you really want to, of course.

Once erected, it is ready to use at your leisure and provide a great focal point in your garden, for you and your guests to enjoy.


Rowlinson Balmoral Corner Arbour

A seating area of up to four people would provide a great place to enjoy drinks and catch up!

For extra style the Rowlinson Balmoral hosts a slatted roof and lattice sides, you can even have climbing plants if you desire.

This arbour is a right-angled corner plot and is FSC Softwood, pressure treated to protect against rot so it is designed to last.

As it is softwood, you can be assured that you are doing your bit for the environment, as it is more environmentally friendly than hardwood.

You can personalise this arbour with trailing flowers or felt roofing.

If you are looking for a stunning place to chill in dry weather, without any further adaptions, then this could be the right purchase for you.


  • Lattice sides
  • Seats up to 4 people
  • FSC Softwood and pressure treated
  • Corner angle arbour


  • Doesn’t provide full shelter


Lattice sides

This garden arbour is a fantastic base to show off any beautiful flowers.  With lattice sides all around the frame, it would be a dream to drape in colour.

If that is not your thing, you could still enjoy the elegance of the style it possesses naturally and be assured that you have plenty of ventilation on a summers day.

Generous size

What a better way to catch up with a few of your favourite people on a summers day.

With the Rowlinson Balmoral arbour being 6ft 1”, at its highest point, and enough space to seat 4 people comfortably, this is a great size for a catch up with friends and family.

Right-angled corner plot

This is a great feature to slot into the corner of your garden comfortably.

Tucked away and blended in, or created to be a focal point, the Rowlinson Balmoral would certainly add an abundance of style to your garden.


This arbour has been made with softwood, which is far more sustainable than hardwood which makes it better for the environment.

Being FSC certified and pressure-treated means that the timber is treated by forcing preservatives into the wood rather than coating it.

It also means it meets the green timber requirements. This gives the wood more durability and makes it long-lasting, protecting it against the elements.


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