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Consider yourself to be a Cardinals Superfan?

Maybe you’ve got all the gear but do you have a decent Cardinals canopy tent for those epic pre-party tailgates?

They’re ideal to shade you from the searing heat from the sun and can keep you dry should there be a shower of rain.

Oh, and what they’ll also do is show your friends and fellow fans that you mean business when it comes to the Cardinals.

So, let’s get to it, here’s the Arizona Cardinals Canopy Tent below with team colors and logos.

Arizona Cardinals Canopy Tailgate Tent

Arizona Cardinals canopy tent with team logo and colours

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It’s the perfect thing if you’re a superfan, team colors, and logo displayed for all to see whilst you prepare for the game ahead, what better way to show your support?

This is just what you need, a Cardinals canopy…

Do you know what makes this even better? The fact that you can have it up in 60 seconds…

It really is the perfect canopy for a Cardinals tailgate party.

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Package Includes

Once you’ve purchased the packaged and it has arrived, here’s what you can expect to find in the box.

  • Arizona Cardinals Waterproof Canopy
  • EZ Pop up Frame
  • Guy Ropes for each corner
  • Black Carrying Case

This is all you will need to get your tailgate party protected from the elements.


EZ Up Canopy

The canopy itself is incredibly easy to get up and once you’ve got the hang of it you should be able to get it up in 60 seconds or less – you can even make it a challenge to beat your time before each game.

The first time, however, might take a little longer but that’s nothing to worry about as you’ll realize how simple it actually is.

All that you need to do is attach the canopy on to the frame with the velcro straps that are provided, lift up the legs and stretch it out. That’s all!

One quick tip I can give you that will save you time in the future, leave the canopy attached when you’ve finished.

It will fold up with the frame so the next time you use it, it will be a breeze – saving you those valuable seconds to get the party started.

Waterproof & UV Protection

Come rain or shine, you will be fine under this canopy as it offers both protection from showers whilst also preventing the harmful UV rays from the sun damaging your guests’ skin.

This will prevent your event from being a disaster should there be a change in the weather.

4 Arizona Cardinals Logos

You can expect to see 2 larger logos atop the canopy, displaying the famous Cardinal with pride.

But along the eaves you can expect 2 smaller logos that show the team name in full “Arizona Cardinals” so people have no doubt who you’re supporting at this game, other superfans will envy your new shelter.

Arizona Cardinals Tailgate Party

Even the NFL themselves know where the party is at…

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