Are Shade Sails Waterproof?

water droplets

Most are fine in showers

Generally speaking, shade sails are made from shading material such as cloth, and for that reason, they are not considered to be waterproof.

However, as their popularity grows, more and more developers are creating shade sails that can be left out in the rain for the convenience of homeowners.

These sails are made from a PVC fabric which is designed specifically to withstand large amounts of water and can be left out even in a complete downpour.

Some are made from heavy-duty fabric and are then coated with a PU coating similar to that of other outdoor products such as; pop up canopies and tents

If you’re thinking about installing one of these sails in your backyard, make sure you check with your installation team to see what kind of materials they have to offer for your benefit as soon as possible.