Airwave Gazebos (2m, 2.5m, 3m, Hex, 6x3m)

  • By: Brian Comstock
  • Date: October 22, 2021
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The range of airwave gazebos has been available to buy on Amazon now for a number of years now, well actually around 10 years now…

They offer a range of sizes, colours, premium versions, as well as more affordable models for people with a lower budget without the overall strength being affected too much.

Take a look at the 2x2m, 3x3m, hexagonal and 6x3m versions of the Airwave range below.

Best Airwave Gazebo Sizes

Airwave Pop-up Gazebo 2x2m

This small Airwave gazebo is by the experts at ECS Ltd and once again they have a top-quality product.  ECS Ltd is well known for producing mid-premium gazebos at an affordable price.

The 2x2m size is an ideal fit for most UK gardens and has lots of accessories to help keep it anchored to your yard.


100% Waterproof Canopy & Sides

Having a waterproof gazebo isn’t just about a waterproof canopy, there are many more attributes that are required in order to have a fully waterproof gazebo.

Firstly, the canopy material is 420D and PVC backed which is ample for a regular use garden gazebo to keep you protected from short but heavy downpours and light, constant drizzle.

The joins are also protected with what’s called ‘taped seams’.  This feature ensures that where the stitching of the seams is there is no leaking through.

UV Protection

In the UK we now seem to be experiencing long hot summers and with that, we need to consider the effect on our skin.

This canopy can offer protection against the Sun’s harmful UV rays and ensure peace of mind whilst your children or yourself enjoy the shade of this shelter.

Side panels included

The removable sides are a really convenient feature and they can be used as you wish.  You can use none of them, 1 of them, 2, 3 or all 4 it’s completely up to you…

All you have to do is connect them with the strong pieces of velcro around the top of the roof frame which is simple to do.  To remove, just tear the velcro apart to detach the sides from the frame.

Carry bag

Storing your pop up gazebo away properly after use can be critical to whether you will be able to use it again.

Quite often, those who buy a shelter without a bag included will lean their pop up against a wall in the garage or in the shed only to find mould, pieces missing or even nibble marks from unwanted pests.

Airwave Pop up Gazebo 2.5×2.5m

This 2.5×2.5m pop-up gazebo by Airwave has long been one of their bestsellers when it comes to purchasing an outdoor shelter for frequent summer use.

It’s waterproof, can provide full privacy when the side panels are fully down, whilst you also have the option of not using the sides at all.

This product can sell out fast during spring and summer…

As with all concertina gazebos, this product is designed to be built very quickly and is equally as simple to take down when you’ve finished using it.

To erect you simply stretch out the frame, attach the canopy to the top of the frame with the strong velcro fasteners and then lift the frame legs up and click into place.


Ideal for Entertaining

First of all, this product is perfect for entertaining.  Whether it’s hosting your own events or parties, you’ll be fine buying this product.  It’ll also fit into most UK gardens.

This shelter is quick to build and it’ll also impress you with the quality feel of the material.  The side walls help keep your guests protected, warm and keep out drafts.

This Airwave gazebo will help your party continue later into the day or night.

Waterproof Canopy

The canopy material is 190g PU coated soft touch polyester fabric, this will ensure that it keeps you dry.  The 190g PU represents the weight of the fabric that will prevent the rain from seeping through.

Taped Seams

The taped seams go a long way to ensuring that the stitching in the fabric doesn’t leak.  Using heating methods this plastic tape melts onto the seams and adds a protective layer.

The tape prevents rainwater from leaking through where the stitching is.

It also reduces drafts by not allowing wind to pass through the stitching.  With hot and wet conditions is the seams expand and become weaker and stretched…

Wind Bars

These allow you to cross brace the roof area both from side to side making the roof much more sturdy and strong.  This adds further strength in windy weather by preventing the frame from buckling.

You do not have to use the wind bars all the time but we’ve found that for peace of mind we do.  As well as the 2 Wind bars you will also receive a set of 4 weight bags.

Airwave Canopy Only Gazebo 3x3m (No Sides)

This Airwave gazebo 3x3m is another frequently purchased canopy from the ECS Ltd collection.  This water-resistant canopy is perfect for protecting you from light rain.

It will also shade you from the sun’s harmful rays during the hot summer weather.  It’s simple to build, it’s a matter of popping out the frame, attaching the canopy and then extending out the frame.

Yes, it’s that easy to build it!


Simple to Build

What’s better than a fast building shelter that you can easily transport to your chosen location and it literally takes 1 minute to erect.

You just have to take it out of the included carry bag, place the waterproof roof on the top of the frame, then extend the concertina frame outwards and extend the legs.  It’s also very easy to take down.

Lower the legs, close the frame inwards and then this time you can actually leave the top attached if you want to.

It is recommended to leave the canopy attached just because it makes building it even quicker next time and can prevent you from losing it too.


The water-resistant material is a strong, well-made fabric that ensures you are protected against frequent showers or constant light rain.  It may struggle though in heavy downpours.

Over time, after exposure to bright sunlight and wet weather, the level of waterproofing may deteriorate eventually.

This happens to every type of waterproof and water-resistant fabric, so don’t be alarmed.

Protects against UV rays

The UV resistant material will protect you and your family from harmful ultra-violet rays.

However, UV rays are everywhere and you will still need to buy sunblock to offer that ‘all-round’ protection rather than rely on the sun protection factor of the canopy.

Sturdy Frame

Whilst this is a lower-priced than most, it is still quite sturdy once it is built.

When you first handle it, it feels quite flimsy but once it’s erected and has the REQUIRED guy ropes, leg weights, and tent pegs in use to add further stability then you’re good to go.

REQUIRED = You must use the included parts (guy ropes, pegs, and leg weights) for additional strength as not using them will potentially break your new gazebo on the first use, should the wind pick up.

Heavy-duty Carry Bag

Not every type of instant canopy comes with a carrying bag included.  It’s not until you buy a canopy without a carry bag that you’ll realise just how important they are.

Airwave Hex Pop up Gazebo 3.5m

This 3.5m hexagonal-shaped gazebo by Airwave is fast becoming more and more popular and for lots of reasons.

The hexagon shape ensures that this popup gazebo is much stronger than the more common square gazebo as there are more supporting sides, as well as having more struts in the roof section.

There are a few colours to choose from and I’m sure this unique style will really impress your friends and guests, as it just looks classier and elegant than the regular square gazebos.


Waterproof canopy roof

The waterproof canopy on this gazebo is made from 190g PU (Polyurethane) coated soft touch polyester.  The PU coating of 190g is regularly used to waterproof tent and camping equipment.

You can be assured that it will keep you dry and you’ll also be getting a good quality material that’s soft to the touch and also visually appealing.

Side Panels

As you can see in the image at the top of this page this gazebo comes with 6 sides which includes 2 doorways and 4 sidewalls that have church style windows.  The 2 doors both have full-length zippers.

This gazebo has the front door removed just so you can see how spacious this gazebo is inside.

Steel frame

With the gazebo having six sides it, therefore, has more supporting legs than a regular square gazebo.  The 6 legs also have screw feet which you can easily screw into decking or patio.

This offers great protection against the wind by making it much stronger and sturdier.  The frame also has push-button connectors to adjust the height.

Pegs & guy ropes

Pegs and guy ropes are an important feature and should be included with every popup gazebo on the market.

These 2 vital components ensure that your gazebo doesn’t turn into a kite when the winds pick up and add great strength and stability to the frame and roof section.

** Please note**

To further strengthen your gazebo you can buy a set of gazebo weights to help anchor it to the ground but please be aware that you’ll need 6 and most firms sell them in sets of 2 or 4.

Gazebo weights provide much more strength and obviously help to weigh down your gazebo


Airwave Large Pop-up Gazebo 6x3m

This Airwave gazebo 6x3m  is a fantastic addition for anyone looking to entertain a lot of guests outside.  This large gazebo is certainly value for money as long as you have room for it.

As with most products from this leading brand it has a very similar likeness to the other versions and sizes of the Airwave gazebos.

The 6x3m version provides a whole different range of alternative uses.


Easy to Build

With this size of a gazebo, you can never expect to put it up on your own.  However, with 3 people you can quite easily have this setup completely in 15 minutes.

Suitable for Multi-surfaces

As mentioned earlier, this can be placed on turf, concrete or patio surfaces.

We always recommend making full use of the extras that are provided to ensure full strength is provided to protect against the wind, rain, drizzle, and hail.

Good Value

Whilst some may consider the price to be a little steep, however, if you compare the size, the number of uses and the fact that it comes with sides and they’re waterproof, then personally, I think you can’t go far wrong.

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