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Hardtop Gazebo Guide

Hardtop gazebos are becoming more popular especially for people that enjoy spending time on their own properties, either relaxing or hosting parties.

These robust types of shelter are well known for being able to stand up to bad weather, keep bugs out and can last for many years.

These hardtops, also known as a ‘pergola with a solid roof‘ can be left outdoors all year round due to their strength and ability to withstand snow load.

The solid roof is normally made of powder-coated galvanized steel, polycarbonate panels or treated wood, which are very durable and resilient.

The uprights that support the roof are often made of powder-coated aluminum and have holes in the footplates to help screw them down.

These types of outdoor shelter are available in different sizes and I’m sure there will be a perfect fit to suit your yard.  See my reviews HERE.

Soft Top Gazebo Guide

Soft top gazebos are very popular for people that require a type of shelter that is a ‘hybrid’ of a hardtop gazebo and a pop up canopy.

They are looking to buy an outdoor shelter that is easy to assemble like a pop up canopy but has strength closer to that of a hardtop gazebo.

The difference between a soft top and a hardtop gazebo is that the canopy is made of polyester fabric that has a waterproof coating applied to it.

The frame of a soft top gazebo is made from powder-coated steel and/or aluminum which adds tremendous strength and durability to the structure.

Most of these types of outdoor structures will come with mosquito nets and curtains to kep out bugs and add privacy, respectively.

Personally, I recommend that the roof canopy and sides are removed before winter to help prevent damage and discoloration from leaves and debris.

Take a look at my reviews and choose a size that suits your yard HERE.

Pop up Canopy Tent Guide

Pop up canopy tents are popular for many reasons such as speed of build, protection against uv rays and rain and all at a more affordable price.

Most instant canopies have a concertina frame which just needs stretching out where the waterproof canopy is then attached with the velcro straps.

The frame legs are then raised to your preferred height setting and anchored down with a set of canopy weights should you have them.

Alternatively, there are canopies that are assembled by connecting poles, however, these types are becoming rarer as they take much longer to build.

There are many different sizes that can be chosen from, as well as lots of different brands available to buy from.

As you can imagine, as with all types of products, there are varying levels of quality, durability and value for money.

See what I believe to be the best pop up canopies via my reviews, HERE.

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